Sounding Off!

In the newest feature on, our members submit USF recruiting related questions and our own Josh Newberg answers them in a unique podcast format.

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These are some of the questions members submited and we answered:

  • I was hoping to hear something further on Andrew Mitchell.  Do you have anything more to share?
  • Did  liuget set a visit?
  • How high does bryant rank among the top WRs in the State?
  • I thought I read Anthony Jones wouldnt qualify.Is that true and what other so called commits wont qualify in your opinion?
  • Can you name any names of prospects that have cooled on USF since we experianced our three game skid? 
  • Have these changes opened the door for some new players?   Who?
  • If we win out is that likely to re-open some recruits to USF that may have begun to move on?  
  • How many JC's do you think we end up with in this class?
  • I know everyone is optimistic about an eventual commitment from BJ Daniels. But, sometimes things have a way of happening, and don't work out according to plan. In that event, is there any back up plan should the commit never happen? Any plan B prospects the staff might be considering?
  • Brandon Harris?  Are you serious?  We have a shot at Brandon Harris?
  • Chevon Walker transfer???
  • Have you talked to Tommy Streeter recently?  If so, anything new?

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