USF vs. Louisville Game Breakdown

When the Bulls face off against Louisville this Saturday, they'll be looking for pay back from last years loss and to win the last home game for the seniors. Read the complete game breakdown of the Bulls vs. Cardinals match-up. Only on - Get it First, Get it Fast!

A special season quickly turned into a disappointing one. But a victory Saturday will turn a disappointing season into a good one for the USF Bulls.


There's no chance for the Big East title or a BCS Bowl. There's only a very slim chance for a Gator Bowl despite the bowl's desire to probably take USF over Cincinnati.


Now at this point USF is playing for a 10-win season and to prove that this program is a lot more like the first half of the 2007 season than the second half.


There are a few reasons why USF looked so impressive against Syracuse outside of the obvious "well it's Syracuse" reason.


-- Mike Ford finally got work again: To the tune of 28 carries and 134 yards. Running backs, especially powerful ones, are such a commodity in college that you're a fool if you don't utilize them. Ford and his backups Jamar Taylor & Benjamin Williams need work every game. They need carries, they need involvement.


-- Matt Grothe only had direct involvement in 36 of 84 offensive plays: Compare this to the Cincinnati game where he was directly involved in 76 of 91 offensive plays. That's ridiculous! And Grothe averaged a little over five yards per touch against Cincinnati and a little over nine yards per touch against Syracuse. Better production, less damage to the body and a victory.


-- Only three negative plays: Grothe had an interception and there were two running backs that lost yardage. That was it for negative plays. 81 of 84 offensive plays were for positive yards. That's almost a perfect offensive ball game and the 582 yards USF gained is proof of that.


Who to Watch (Bulls offense): For the reasons mentioned obviously Mike Ford will be the man on Saturday night. Louisville's offense is too good to allow them several opportunities so the Bulls must control the clock, eat up yards on the ground and leave Brian Brohm off the field.


Who to Watch (Bulls defense): It's George Selvie time again! Selvie has had seven tackles for loss in the last two games but he hasn't been the same player he was during the first half of the season. On Saturday the Bulls need the "old Selvie" to emerge and harass Brian Brohm into making a lot of mistakes.


Who Else to Watch (Bulls defense): Mike Jenkins and Trae Williams will also be under the gun. While most of the Big East quarterbacks wisely go away from the Bulls' talented cornerbacks, Brohm will go right at them and he's got the ability to get big plays if this duo isn't on their game.


Coachspeak: "It is going to be one heck of a football game. Both teams are battling for a position in the conference; both teams are battling for bowl-type situations. There is a lot on the line. I believe our guys will play hard and play well." -- Jim Leavitt


Playerspeak: "It's a great challenge. He's like the top quarterback in the nation. He's probably the best we'll face all year." -- Trae Williams


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