Fayson talks about possible transfer to USF

Today Jarred Fayson filed for a transfer from the University of Florida. He tells USFNation why he transfered and what his plans are. Read on for the entire story.

"Today I applied for my transfer from the University of Florida."

Jarred Fayson did it all in his short career with the Gators, he came in as a highly recruited ATH/QB. At UF he worked with the quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs and returners, but today he filed for a transfer.

"It's due to personal issues." Adding, "Everything was fine with the team. I don't really want to get into it, but it has to do with family issues off-the-field."

Fayson told USFNation that he enjoyed his stay at Florida and the relationships he gained, but he needs to deal with a few personal issues right now. He also said he intends to continue his football career.

"I most definitely will continue playing football."

The question is, where? When Jarred filed, there were stipulations put into the deal.

"It says that I can't play for Florida State, USF or Miami."

However, he admits that if he applies for a hardship there is a chance he could be allowed to play for one of those schools.

"Yeah, if I apply for a hardship there's a chance. I'm not concerned right now. I'm heading back to Tampa this weekend and I'll start thinking about it this weekend with my family."

He's going to have to make a quick decision, because he says that he intends to be enrolled in a new school by the start of Spring semester, this January.

"I'm trying not to think about it right now, but it's going to be something I'll have to figure out pretty soon."

A logical fit could be the University of South Florida. It's in his hometown and he did commit to the Bulls as a junior before decommitting his senior year and choosing the Gators.

"It's a possibility. I've thought about transferring to USF."

"I've followed them a little bit, like if they are on when we were in our hotel I would watch them. They are the home team, it's like following the Bucs or Devil Rays."

Fayson said he's going home this weekend and will layout a timetable with his parents that will culminate in a decision within the next month or so. Stick with USFNation.com for the latest developments.

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