Trent Pupello Will Transfer to USF

Former Jefferson Star Trent Pupello tells USFNation he plans on transferring from the Gators to the Bulls this spring. Read on for the entire story. Only on - Get it First, Get it Fast!

"I'm transferring to USF" Said Tent Pupello to on Wednesday evening. The announcement comes a day after fellow Gator and Hillsborough standout Jarred Fayson also filed papers to leave the University of Florida.

Pupello, who is 6-4 and 260 pounds plans on playing tight end at South Florida and is excited for a new beginning.

"It's a fresh start, kinda like a second chance. I'm happy I'll be back in Tampa and I'm excited to play for the Bulls."

On Friday Trent plans on walking into the USF offices and signing a scholarship to play for the Bulls.

"I told my former coach, Mike Simmonds that I wanted to come back. My dad contacted Carl Franks and worked out the details. It will be final on Friday."

The reasons for leaving UF are personal and Trent did not want to go into detail.

"There are some family issues I'd rather not talk about. It will be good to go home and start over."

Although he's leaving Trent said he learned some valuable lessons while at UF.

"I learned a lot living on my own. I'm gonna miss certain things here, it was an awesome experience."

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