Two-way Lineman Close to Choosing the Bulls?

Restocking the lines is a top priority for the Bulls this season, and a talented two-way player from down south is high on the Bulls. Read on for all the details. - Get it First, Get it Fast!

Danous Estenar is a talented 6'4 297 pound lineman that can play on both sides of the ball and made an official visit to the Bulls this weekend.


"It went pretty good, I had a fun weekend," said Estenar. "I'm a bit under the weather today but overall the trip was good, and I had a good weekend."


Estenar arrived in Tampa Friday. He spent Friday and Saturday touring the facilities, meeting with the coaches, seeing the stadium and attending a basketball game. Danous gives a play-by-play of the trip.


"I got in Friday and we went out to eat first and then later went with my host to a sorority party that was fun and interesting," said Estena.  "We just hung out, and I got introduce to a few people, and then it was getting late so I went back to my hotel room."


Danous's host for the weekend was freshmen tight end Quincy Okolie.


"We're actually friends. He went to Palm Central with me. He was a few years ahead of me but we talk all the time."


Estenar said he woke up Saturday feeling a bit under the weather, but had a full day of activities planned.


"Saturday we first toured the whole school it was nice, said Estenar. "The campus is a bit spread out, but I really liked the facilities they were real nice. After that we met with the academic people."


Danous who will probably major in business, stressed that academics are a big part in his decision, and added "They had some good things to say about the different programs they have for players."


After seeing the campus and facilities, the group headed to Raymond James to check out the Stadium.


"We toured the Stadium and went out on the field.  Its real nice there, added Estenar. "But I saw it when I went on my unofficial visit and liked it then. This time we watched a highlight film and that was cool."


One of the staples of a USF visit is a trip to nearby Busch Gardens.


"We went to Busch Gardens and had some lunch then walked around and saw the alligators and the gorillas were neat to look at," said Danous. "That night we ate dinner and then went over to the Sun Dome to see the basketball game but I wasn't feeling to well so I only stayed for like five minutes and then left."


Danous said that through out the weekend there was a lot of eating. "They weren't happy that I wasn't eating a lot and they were trying to get me to eat more but I wasn't feeling good so didn't have an appetite."


"I met all the recruits that were in for the weekend, there were five of us they were all cool guys," said Estenar, but the best part was meeting with the players and the coaches."


"I met Coach Leavitt. He's a crazy guy, real passionate. I also met with the o-line coach Simmonds for a bit, but I spent the most time with Coach Mac (McCarney), he's a real cool guy I like him a lot.


Danous commented that he already knew a lot about USF before the trip from prior visits and through Okolie.


"Quincy and I talk a lot and he is always telling me about the school and the program, so I already knew a lot of the info they were telling me."


"When I talked with coach Mac he told me he'd like me on defense, but coach Simmonds wants me on the o-line. When I talked with Coach Leavitt, he said wherever I look better at I'll play and they were going to try me out on both sides of the ball. I like defense better but will play either.


It was a good weekend overall for the talented big man, but was it enough to make a decision?


"I told them they are my number one right now, said Danous. "They have been since I took that unofficial a few weeks back and liked them ever since, but I have to take my other visit and then I'll make it official."


Estenar, who is originally from Haiti, said there are a lot of factors that he'll use in his college decision, comfort, academics, the program, and of course location.


"There are a lot of good things about USF that I like," said Estenar. "When I came in on the visits I felt real comfortable with all the players and the coaches, and that is very important to me. Also I like the fact that are an up and coming program on the rise and can make some noise. The players seem like guys I can get along with and the type that the team can build on. Also I'm from Haiti so staying in Florida is my first choice and their academics are strong so all that was a plus."


"I know about the football program, and I wanted to learn more about the academics. I like what I saw and overall I give my visit a 10."

Next weekend the big offensive lineman heads to UCF for an official visit and will make his decision official then. Follow USFNation as we follow Danous through signing day.


My take:

Estenar is a talented big man, who dropped 40 pounds this past season so he could play on both sides of the ball. At 297 he still has the strength but has added more flexibility and speed to his game. He and his family have ruled out going out of state and now it's down to UCF and USF. You do the math.

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