4-Star LB Spence Rates USF Visit a "10"

Keeping the defense flush with talent is always a top priority of the Bulls, and Miami Northwestern linebacker Sean Spence who has been one of the top defensive prospects on the USF board since the spring came in for an official visit this past weekend. Stay informed with USFNation.com

Restocking the defense is always a top priority of the Bulls, and Miami Northwestern linebacker Sean Spence who has been one of the top defensive prospects on the USF board since the spring came in for an official visit this past weekend.


Spence, who stands 6-foot-1 and 200 pounds brings both size and speed to the playing field and is the #7th ranked linebacker in the nation according to Scout.com.


"It was real nice," said Spence. "I had a real good time up there."


The 4-star linebacker however couldn't come in for a full visit because Miami North Western is still in the play-offs.


"I couldn't come in Friday because we had a game," said Spence. "It was a good game, we won 55-14 and face Deerfield Beach next week. I did pretty good and had 9 tackles and a sack."


Spence didn't fly in until 9:00 A.M Saturday, but as soon as he got off the plane made most of his time in Tampa.


"When I first got there, I talked with the staff and with Coach Leavitt for a while," said Spence. "I talked with Coach Burnham also, but I talk with Coach Scott the most."


Spence's host for the weekend was linebacker Sabbath Joseph who is from the Miami area and even though they attended different schools, the two have remained friends.  Spence then toured the campus and the facilities.


"The campus is real nice, I been there before, but that was in my freshman and sophomore years when we went there for a camp," said Spence. "This time I really got to see it and the facilities and really like it."


After seeing the campus Spence and the other recruits went to Raymond James stadium to see where the Bulls play.


 "We toured the stadium. It was my first time there and thought it was real nice," said Spence. "The field was nice, I heard it's the number one ranked field." Spence added, "After that we went to Busch Gardens to eat lunch, walk around and had fun looking at the animals."


"I had a good time hanging with the other recruits, said Spence. "Karnell Hatcher was there. I heard he committed to LSU but was keeping his options open."


"My favorite part of the trip was talking with Coach Leavitt. He's a great person all around. He's one heck of a guy who has a lot of passion."


Spence has been a Miami commit since the summer, but has said he's keeping his options open.


I'm still committed to Miami," Spence said, and when asked what other schools are in consideration. He replied "USF, North Carolina and Tennessee." Spence then added, "I just want to make sure I'm making the right decision. I just want to explore my options and see other things and see what else is out there. I want to compare what other schools have to offer to what Miami has."


What are some of the things that are important in making his choice of where to play college ball?


"The program, the coaches, academics and the graduation rates of the athletic departments and the football team are important, but early playing time is a factor. I want to play as a freshman." Spence also added "Players in the pro's matters some, but isn't that big."


The Miami Northwestern product has already taken two visits to UNC and to Tennessee already and said he may take a visit to Rutgers, but nothing is set yet and to Miami which hasn't been set yet either.


Spence said that all the schools are pretty even right now, and his friend Sabbath Joseph tells him all the Bulls have to offer but said to follow his heart. However, he won't be waiting until signing day to make it final.


"No I won't wait until signing day. I have to decide by January."


The Bulls staff has been working very hard to get this visit, and what did the 4-star linebacker think of his trip to Tampa?


"Everything was top notch and I'd rate my visit a 10." 


My Take:

Spence is a special athlete, and a game changer, but prying him from a program like Miami is never an easy task However, getting a visit from a linebacker like Sean is an accomplishment in itself, and shows what major steps this program has taken in recruiting, It's too hard to say how this will turn out, but the fact the Bulls are in the running this late in the game is very encouraging.

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