Hatcher visits USF, USF visits Hatcher

4-Star safety prospect Karnell Hatcher visted the Bulls last weekend, then the South Florida staff paid an in-home visit to Hatcher on Monday. Get all the details on USFNation.com!

Last weekend Karnell Hatcher took an unofficial visit to South Florida. The 6-2, 190 pound safety from Atlantic Delray committed to the LSU Tigers back in mid November, but has since opened things up and is taking visits.

"The visit to USF was nice. I had a good time." Adding, "My host was Cedric Hill. He's a cool guy, he and I got along real well."

"I learned about the program. Like, that their first year as a team was spent practicing, they didn't even schedule anybody. I know a lot about them, that was something I never knew."

Also on the visit were a few other recruits from Hatchers hometown area.

"Sean Spence was there, Danous (Estenar) was there, and my teammate John (Lejiste) was there. I don't know all those guys real well, so we got to talk and stuff, it was cool."

Hatcher says while he considers himself ‘wide-open' there are two teams he's focusing on.

"Right now it's LSU and USF." Saying, "LSU is my number one and USF is two."

He also admits that the coaching change at LSU came as a surprise.

"I heard it first on TV. When I heard (Bill) Polini was leaving I was shocked. That hit me hard, because he was the one coach I got along with the best. It really took me by surprise."

"I heard all the rumors that Les Miles was leaving and then all of a sudden it was announced that Polini was leaving. If Miles were to leave it would have still effected me, but this is different."

He reiterated that LSU is still his number one while he continues to sort things out.

Hatcher then told USFNation that the Bulls did a follow-up in-home visit on Monday.

"Coach Douglas and Coach McCarney came by my house on Monday. They mostly talked to my dad about stuff like academics and the school."

"My dad likes any school that comes into my house. He knows if I invite them in, I like them and that's good enough for my dad."

Will Hatcher's dad play a role in his final decision?

"No, not really. He'll be happy with whoever I choose." Adding, "He does ask questions though. When I got back from USF he was asking me about their record, how many players they put into the NFL and their corner situation. He knows that whoever their corners are will have an impact on my success (as a safety)."

"The coaches at USF told me about their corner situation, I don't know a lot about it, but I do know that my teammate (who plays corner) just committed there."

On Monday John Lejiste committed to USF and it was no surprise to Karnell.

"He's been telling me all along that he was going to commit, and that all it would take was a visit to make sure he liked the city and all that."

"After he committed he's been recruiting me there a little bit." Adding, "I think about it, because when we were both on our visit it was good having him there to talk to and stuff. John is my boy and I could see us both playing at South Florida."

Lejiste is pitching him on the idea of starting their own tradition.

"He caught my eye when he said something to me the other day. John told me we have the chance to start our own tradition at USF. That really caught my eye because every other school already has a tradition and me and John could make our own."

"I like the city too, it's not a real college town, but there is plenty I can do there. I relate to the people there."

Hatcher didn't want to rate his visit because he said all the visits he has taken have been great (LSU, Michigan). He still has 2 left to go; Auburn and South Carolina will be his final visits before making his decision on signing day.

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