State Champion Tommy Streeter Q&A

After Northwestern's 41-0 win over Orlando Boone, WR Tommy Streeter talks about his performance in the big game, recruiting and more.

Last week you were really down about your performance against Deerfield. Only one catch and it got called back. Talk about today's performance.

Yeah, yeah last week was tough. This whole trip I've been feeling good coming into tonight. I was just in a rhythm. I did have a couple drops, I cant even explain those, but overall I had a good performance and it feels great.

Talk about what it's like playing high school football in South Florida.

There is a lot of talent in South Florida that goes unnoticed. You know, a lot of people look out of state, they don't know that in South Florida you have to fight week-in and week-out. There is no such thing as a mediocre team. Every one is good and we proved that in the state championship.

Whats next for you, as far as recruiting, every one is curious.
I'm going to take some more visits and after I take all the visits I will decide what university I want to attend.

What does your visit schedule look like?

I'm going to South Carolina, South Florida, and possibly the University of Connecticut.

What about Miami?

I talk to the coaches every now and then when I see them, but I haven't talked to them on the phone lately.

What about Florida State?

Nothing new, I haven't talked to them lately.

Coach Bellotti from Oregon recently came to your house, what do you think of them?

Coach Bellotti is unbelievable, the whole program is so nice. The facilities are great, they have so much to offer on and off the field. They got Nike, I mean if you don't go to the NFL there is always a possibility you could work for Nike. That is something big.

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