Sounding Off!

In the newest feature on, our members submit USF recruiting related questions and our own Josh Newberg answers them in a unique podcast format.

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These are some of the questions members submited and we answered:

  •  Nick Craig -- did he play himself into or out to of an offer this season?
  • When does USF traditionally offer juniors? I've read that a lot of schools use the dead period to look at game junior game tape and see where they want to jump in early.
  • Who is the 2009 QB & OL looking like right now? Who would say will be the number one rated prospect heading into next year's class? I'm asking b/c usually teams who have a good year on the field really feel the impact of that season the following year. Thoughts?
  • while back you mentioned that Daniel Bryant and Anthony Jones may not be eligible b/c of grades. What are you hearing now?
  • What's the word on "the street" with recruits and USF? Has USF made an impression on them this year? --Where do they usually mention USF in comparison to their other schools of interest (such as FSU, UM, and uf)?
  • As a recuiter, how would you rate Coach Leavitt against the other head coaches in the state?
  • Will Jeff Hawkins red-shirt?

  • In your expert opinion Josh,will we get Karnell Hatcher?

  • Going into the final month of recruiting, where do we stand with the offensive and defensive line prospects. Any new names on the board, any old names off the board?

  • How do you think USF's current verbals compare to the rest of the Big East Classes so far?

  • Can you just kind of talk about the dead period a little bit and the rules surrounding it? Are kids allowed to contact the schools and commit during the dead period? 

  • Are there any FSU commits that could fall our way now that they seem to be in major turmoil right now?  Do you see Kyri Thornton commiting to USF and not waiting for FSU due to this?

  • Do you think we could see some surprises before signing day?  Maybe a kid that USF is real high on that hasn't been talking up USF so much suddenly signing with USF.

  • Plus much more!!

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