Shaw Makes Changes to Visit Schedule

Coming out of the dead period, Miami Pace left tackle Greg Shaw will be taking a majority of his visits. However, there is a Big East team that is no longer in the picture. Who is it and how will it effect his visit to Tampa? Only on!

"Things are getting crazy right now" Said left tackle Greg Shaw, "The process is fun, I'm enjoying it. Right now I'm looking to make an earlier decision so I want to move up a couple visit dates."

Follow carefully, these dates could get confusing.

Coming out of the dead period Shaw was scheduled to go to West Virginia on the 11th, 12th and 13th. Then it was USF on the 25th, 26th and 27th and possibly Georgia Tech on the final weekend before signing day.

"West Virginia is out of the picture, so I'm trying to move the USF visit up to the 11th and take that spot and then move Georgia Tech to the weekend of the 25th. Basically move everything up a week. But I haven't heard back from Georgia Tech so it's a bunch of ‘ifs' at this point!"

Shaw says that since Coach (Jeep) Hunter left the Tech coaching staff he's not sure if he'll even take the visit or if he still fits in the Yellow Jackets plans.

"Coach Hunter was the face of Tech to me. He was all I knew and really the only one that recruited me. With him gone, I don't know, it's kinda like starting all over with them. I need to talk to some people and see what direction they are headed."

There is another team that is trying to make a run at Shaw and he had a strong message for them.

"Michigan is not in it!" Shaw said with a laugh, "I'm not going to play football in Michigan, I'm good with that. All of a sudden Coach Rodriguez goes to Michigan and they are calling saying that the weekend I was supposed to go to West Virginia I could come there and everything would work out. I'm not going. It didn't feel right the way he left and it's not a school I'm interested in."

The main schools Shaw is focused on are LSU, USF, UF and Georgia Tech.

"LSU and Florida are probably recruiting me the hardest. USF is up there too, Coach Scott was the last coach I saw before the dead period. Him and Coach Lane (LSU) came in during that week."

Shaw says he has no real leader and will only take four official visits.

"I want to make my decision soon, that's why I'm moving my visits up. The plan is to make my choice after all the visits are done. I don't want to make an early decision and then feel like I missed something, so I'll take all the visits before making it final."

My Take:
Greg Shaw could have it down to three schools if Georgia Tech doesn't make a move soon. Even if Shaw doesn't take a visit to GT, I don't see any other schools jumping in the mix. He has narrowed down his list and one of these four will land the coveted left tackle from Miami.

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