Pahokee WR, Odoms Knows Final 4 Visits

WR Tay Odoms knows who he will visit after the dead period ends. Find out if the Bulls made the cut for the talented WR/KR. Only on!

Earlier this month, USFNation talked with Martavious "Tay" Odoms about what schools he was going to visit. The 5-foot-8 speedster was still considering a handful of offers, here's what he said back on December 10th.

"It's gonna probably be WVU, Tennessee, Iowa and then the 4th is up in the air. I've been to USF several times, but I still might go because I think I need to see more."

After thinking it over Tay is ready to name the four remaining, he has already taken one visit to Auburn.

"It's gonna be Iowa, Tennessee, USF and UM."

"WVU is out of it right now. I'm waiting to see who they name as their new head coach. For me to consider them again, it will depend on who they bring in, but regardless I won't be taking an official visit there."

Iowa, Tennessee, Auburn, USF and UM are the finalists for the WR/returner, Odoms. It's been a long process and Tay has trimed it down to 5 teams from well over a dozen that have offered.

Odom's recently told's Mike Bakas what he's looking for in a school.

"I'm looking for positive people," he said. "Positive players and positive coaches. That's real important because those are the guys you'll be around all the time for the next four years. I have to be real comfortable around them, feel a positive vibe."

Odoms said he recently re-took the ACT in hope of achieving a qualifying score. We'll let you know the exact dates of the visits when they are set.

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