Are the Bulls Losing Barnum to the Gators?

Offensive line prospects are at a premium and Ricky Barnum has been at the top of the Bulls board all year. Find out why USF may now be out of the picture. Read on for the entire story, only on!

"I'm ready for my visits." Said Barnum, "The recruiting process has been good, I'm going to take my first visit on January 18th."

Ricky Barnum will make the trip to Gainsville, then he's going to Tampa on the 25th and he'll wrap up his visits by making a trek to Michigan on February 2nd.

In previous interviews Barnum has not mentioned the idea of going to Michigan.

"I set up this visit because Coach (Rich) Rodriguez took the job. It's the same weekend I was supposed to visit West Virginia, so it's kinda replacing that one. If coach Rodriguez would have stayed then I would have visited West Virginia, the entire staff leaving also factored into it."

Early on Barnum had USF in his top 5, he has narrowed that own to 3 teams but there is a clear-cut number 1.

"I like USF and Michigan, my number one team though is Florida."

Barnum says he's been thinking about UF a lot and this weekend may have had a big hand in that.

"I was at the Under Armor game this weekend. There were a bunch of UF commits there. I met Will Hill, they were all telling me about UF and how they want me to be a part of the class."

"It was over-whelming to be honest. They have a really good class and all those guys know how to win."

What about the pressure to re-unite with Grothe at USF?

"I hear that also. Playing with Matt again would be nice, I like USF. The coaches and everything, but my number one team is UF right now."

"The biggest factors for me are academics, a winning tradition and the coaching staff."

The depth chart is not a concern for Ricky he said he's checked out all three schools and all three give him an opportunity to compete.

"UF is recruiting me at guard and center. USF is recruiting me at all the line positions and Michigan wants me as a guard or tackle."

Ricky Barnum has a 3.7 GPA and is waiting to receive his test score from the SAT test he recently took. Barnum will announce his decision on National Signing Day.

My Take:
When Ricky Barnum visits UF I expect him to commit. If he does not, then I think UF is probably too full to take him. If thats the case, USF will be the leader. But for now it looks like Barnum is a longshot, the weekend of the 18th will be very telling for USF fans.

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