Hatcher 100% committed to LSU, kind of?!?

4-Star safety Karnell Hatcher made a commitment to LSU early in the fall, then he opened things up after the Tigers defensive coordinator left for the head coaching job at Nebraska. Now he tells USFNation he's re-committed to LSU...or is he?

"I'm ready to move on from high school and get ready to start college." Said Delray Atlantic safety Karnell Hatcher.

"The recruiting process has been fun, I've met a lot of great coaches and had a good time the past few months."

One of Hatcher's favorite coaches throughout all of this has been Coach Gilespie from South Carolina.

"I got along with him from the start. He was always fun to talk to and we never really talked football, we would talk about normal stuff, he was cool."

In late November, Karnell and teammate John Lejiste took official visits to South Florida and Lejiste took such a liking to the program he committed on the spot. Since then Karnell told USFNation that his teammate has been trying to get him aboard as well.

Has anything changed for Karnell Hatcher?

"I'm going to stick with LSU." Adding, "Nothing has changed, I made my commitment and I'm going to keep it. I saw what I needed to see and I'm happy with my decision."

Over the last 4 months Hatcher has visited LSU, Michigan and USF. Although he was high on South Carolina a visit never materialized. After the Michigan visit Hatcher came out and said he was opening things back up and wanted to take more visits. But now it's a done deal, right?

"USF is still on my mind."

"I have class with John (Lejiste) and we talk about it (USF) all the time. I also have three friends, non-football players, that are going to school there. They are trying to get me to go there too."

Hatcher admits the pressure makes him think about a possible future in Tampa, but he says he feels good about his decision and is ready to make it official on signing day.

In the meantime Hatcher is lifting everyday and attending rehab for a bruised MCL he suffered during the season.

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