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In the newest feature on, our members submit USF recruiting related questions and our own Josh Newberg answers them in a unique podcast format.

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These are some of the questions members submited and we answered:

  • In your May 20th article about BJ Daniels you quote BJ as saying "Wherever I'm going I want to continue playing both sports", the other sport being basketball.  Does he still have that mindset and are you aware of any programs, big or small, that are promising  him a chance to play both.
  • Karnell Hatcher update?  Have you heard from him recently?  Is it still justus and LSU in the mix?  Is Lejist still in his ear?
  • Martavious Odoms, have you heard from him recently? Updates?
  • Is David Bedford going to commit soon?  The longer he waits, the more I worry.
  • Ricky Barnum update. Any word from him? 
  • Not a recruiting question, but is there any news on Corian Garrison. I have not heard anything other than a rumor here that he was not with the program any longer.
  • In your opinion, outside of Tommy Streeter and David Bedford, who is the best player USF has a shot at landing?
  • Since you said Brandon Harris is going to UF, who is our number 1 CB prospect?
  • Is FSU going to offer Khyri Thornton? 
  • Is USF actively recruiting Javontae Boyd or any other new defensive tackles since we lost Kyle Dampier?
  • what State of Florida recruits is seeing their stock rise as we enter the home stretch and which recruits are seeing their stock sink? You can answer this question regardless of their interest in USF.
  • With Reamon being more internet hype than reality, is USF still only recruiting Daniels at the Qb position?
  • any new juco positions being addressed?Care to offer a late surprise on the horizon as we go down the home stretch this recruiting season, someone that we have not even heard of, perhaps? Or, are all the names out there?

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