Padric Scott Gives USF Visit a "10"

This weekend was chock full of visitors, and Padric Scott a talented big man from lincolh HS, talks about his weekend in Tampa. Find out all the details of what he did, what was his favorite part was, and much more. Only on -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

"The visit went good, it went real good, said Padric Scott" I was going to leave early this morning with my parents, but Coach Simmonds wanted me to watch film so I stayed and caught a ride back with Daniel Bryant and his family."

Over his visit weekend the 6'1, 291 pound lineman from Lincoln high school was hosted by Bulls offensive guard/center Sampson Genus.

"My host was Sampson, I met him on an earlier unofficial visit, and we got a long well and had a connection. He's a real cool guy."


Scott who has been to Tampa several times spent the weekend seeing the campus and learning more about the program.


"Saturday we toured the facilities, they're real nice, right there with the best I've seen, but I was already familiar with them from my unofficial visit. They did make some changes, added some pictures which were nice and added to the scenery of the facilities."


After touring the facilities the Recruits went to a customary trip to Busch Gardens.


"When we went to Busch Gardens we ate and got to hang out there. We ate for a long time. They kind of do this thing on visits to see how much food you can eat, and they said we set a record for the most food consumed. I have to give credit to me, Greg Shaw and Justin (Green), we ate our fill. After that we watched the alligators and horses then went back. It was real fun."


"I'm not sure who ate the most, we had three tables with some big guys eating. I consumed a lot, but after the desserts came, I ate some and I might have been at the top of the food chain list."


Afterwards they went back, saw some more of the campus then went out to eat dinner and get a chance to hang out.


"I loved hanging out with the other recruits. They were all real good guys My roommate was Greg Shaw, me him and Justin hung out when we went out after dinner, they're real cool dudes. Every time we got back to the hotel we would all hang out and chill. Hanging out with them, Sampson and the other players was probably the best part."


Even though Scott has been to USF numerous times he did say he learned something from the visit which he didn't know previously.


"The one thing I learned that I didn't know was the academic side of things, we met with a lady who helped map out what I need to do to get my degree in Bio med, so I can go into dentistry. That was straight and my parents really liked that."

Where does the talented lineman rate his visit with the Bulls?


"I rate this visit right there with the best, if not the best. I saw a lot on my other visit to USF, so I can imagine what guys who never saw it at all must think. But overall I'd give the experience as a whole a "10."


Scott has one more visit scheduled but a decision could be coming even sooner.


"I might make my decision later on this week before I take my visit if I feel comfortable with it. "I pretty much decided on South Florida and Stanford the most, but Iowa is right behind them. If I don't' decide this week, then it will be the week after."


Scott spent the weekend seeing the campus talking with coaches, lots of  activities with plenty of eating, but was that his favorite part?


"No my favorite part wasn't the eating, even though we ate a lot and I like that. It was hanging out with all the players and recruits and just chilling. Lot of times on visits everybody is putting on an act and acting like they're super bad and they‘re gods greatest gift. But here I never got that feeling at all. Everybody was down to earth and real cool, the kind of guys that you can hang with 24/7."


There is no denying that Scott thoroughly enjoyed his visit and a decision could be looming, but he wants to get back and talk it over with family before making his final choice.


Stick with USFNation as we follow Padric Scott through signing day.

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