CB surprised by college atmosphere in Tampa

Leonard Johnson, a hometown standout, visited USF this weekend. He talks about his host, what he enjoyed most and a few things that surprised him. Get it only on USFNation.com!

Leonard Johnson is a hometown star who has made several trips to Tampa in the past few years to see the Bulls play at Raymond James Stadium, but on his recent trip to USF, Johnson was surprised by the college atmosphere.

"It didn't feel like home." Said Johnson, "It was surprising. I thought it would feel like I was at home. Staying in the hotel and being on campus made it seem like I was a couple states away. I liked the college atmosphere."

This weekend, Johnson was taken around town by Patrick Richardson who Johnson called "Rich". The two went out on the town and got a long great.

"Rich is a good guy. It's the first time I met him, he's nice, open minded and very respectful to everyone."

"We went to The Bulls club and this other place that's across the street from the mall, it's a restaurant, but at night its kinda like a night club."

Johnson said the best part of the trip was meeting the players and having a chance to talk with them.

"Just bonding with the guys. Not just hanging out, but actually getting to know them. That was the best part."

"Overall I rate the trip like a 9 or a 10."

Before he left Johnson had a chance to sit down and talk with Coach Leavitt.

"Being from the area I've talked with Coach (Leavitt) before. We talked mostly about our families and off the field stuff like that. He said he wants me to come to USF, we talked about my scholarship offer, it was a good talk."

Johnson's remaining visits will be to Ole Miss next weekend and either Illinois or Memphis the following weekend.

"I'm going to take a few more visits and make a decision after that. I'll definitely use this visit (USF) to compare the other schools to. I met some great people in Tampa."

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