USF Visit Gives Shaw Something to Think About

Greg Shaw took an official visit to South Florida last weekend. He tells USFNation that the Bulls made a bigger impression than he expected. Read on for the entire story.

"Overall I enjoyed my visit." Said Greg Shaw, 6'6 and 280 pounds.

The Miami Pace senior left tackle has been at the top of the Bulls recruiting board since last spring. At times it wasn't even known if he would visit, but he did and walked away very impressed.

"I've never really spent time in Tampa. I like that it's a diverse city."

"I had a good time hanging out with the guys, we went and saw a movie one night and I met a bunch of the other recruits."

Shaw also said he spent a lot of time talking with Coach Leavitt about his potential role as an offensive lineman for the Bulls.

"He said I could have a chance to play early at the left tackle position."

Talking with the coaches, meeting the players and spending time in the city are the things Shaw will remember from his visit to Tampa.

"I got a lot to think about now. I'm gonna have to think real hard after this visit."

"It's hard to explain….but I didn't expect to have the experience that I had. I didn't think the visit would impact me like it did. Everything was bigger than I thought it would be. Like the campus, the facilities, I liked all that stuff."

After this weekend, Shaw isn't ready to say USF is his leader but he does admit USF will be one of the schools he'll choose from when he makes his final decision.

"I still have visits scheduled for Gerogia Tech and West Virginia. I want to see what those schools are like before I make up my mind."

My Take:
Greg Shaw told me he gave this trip a 9, while he ranks the LSU trip as a perfect 10. Remember he was there on a game day and the atmosphere on campus was a lot different. As of now I'd put USF right in the middle of his list of 5, but there is still time. Leavitt will most likely do an in-home visit later this month and that could sway him. We'll keep you posted.

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