Lanaris 'Visit was way above my expectations'

Lake Mary linebacker Mike Lanaris made his official visit to USF this weekend and came away more then impressed. Read on for all the details and highlights of his visit to South Florida. Only on

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Mike Lanaris from Lake Mary HS committed to USF back in July and this weekend the All-County linebacker took his official visit to Tampa to get a closer look at where he'll be playing at the next level.

"Everything was great. It was way above my expectations," said Lanaris. "The whole weekend was awesome."


During the weekend visit, Lanaris was hosted by USF linebacker Houston Hess."


"I never met Houston before, but we got along great. We hung out both nights and it was like we knew each other for ever. He's a real cool guy and told me about his background, and how he got here, that was a pretty cool story."


Friday, Lanaris hung out with some of the players. and his weekend roommate fellow All-Central Florida punter 


"I roomed with Justin Brockhaus-Kann who I knew. We play in the same district, and Winter Springs is right down the road from me. He was hanging with the kickers so I got to meet with Delbert Alvarado. He's a cool guy too."


"Saturday, we woke up got a tour of the facilities and then met with our academic advisors and talked all about what I need to do for my business degree. Then we went to lunch at Busch Gardens, that's a real neat place to walk around. After that we went back and toured the campus itself which is real nice."


After the tour of the campus each recruit sat down with Coach Leavitt for their one on one meeting.


"We talked about how he's excited he is about me to be there and how excited I am to get there. It's unfortunate that I couldn't be there for the spring because they don't have a set middle linebacker yet. He wanted me there in the spring but I still need a half a credit of English and won't be there until the summer. But he said he's very excited and hopes to see me around campus early. That way I can check out some meetings and get a good feel for the terminology and everything."


With a weekend full of activities what was the future Bull's favorite part?


"I really enjoyed everything to be honest with you. I just think the coaches make it very enjoyable to be around and that's why I wanted to be there from the very beginning. I love the coaches and being around them. Especially Coach Simmonds, my recruiting coordinator and Coach Burnham who going to be my position coach. They have both been awesome for me."


Lanaris also got a chance to hang out with the other recruits who were also visiting this weekend.


"I hung out with Justin and the Miami NW linebacker Quavon Taylor. He's a real cool kid. I think he wants to stay in Florida. I'm not sure if he has an offer or was waiting on one, but I think they were looking at him as maybe nickel back because he's got speed. I met Sanchez for just a bit and he seems like a really nice guy and looks like a good football player and I think we'll get along just fine. I kind of talked with B.J. for a bit, they run the same type offense that we run. Also Orhian Johnson looks like he can play some ball. They both seemed seamed like cool guys to be around and both come from a real good family. Everybody seamed to really enjoy the weekend."


Although Lanaris has been to USF several times he says he got to find out a lot more about the school and the campus.


"Of course I've seen all the athletic stuff and the facilities, but this was the first time I really got to see the campus and what the deal is. I got to see where the students hang out, the wellness center, and the business center is fairly new and looks real nice. I got to see the campus and how it keeps expanding. I got to go around the area and see what's going on and what there is to do around campus, the college life in Tampa."


Even though Lanaris has been solid in his commitment, the weekend just made him that more eager to get to campus


"I can't wait. I'm real excited and can't wait to get in there, start learning, scheming and get bigger."


Lanaris said he's currently up to 6'2, 232-234 pounds and runs a 4.58. He finished his senior season 112 tackles, 14 for a loss, 4 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery, and 4 blocked kicks. He was also named All-County, All-District, First Team all-FNL team, and played in the Central Florida High School All-Star Football Game. But knows what he wants to work on before getting to campus.


"I think my weight is pretty good and they'll put weight on me when I get there, but my goal is to really work with the coaches and get a good feel for the different terminology. I want to work with Coach Burnham and help get familiar with their schemes and everything that's different from highs school to college."


Lanaris can play multiple linebacker positions, but what position are the Bulls looking at him for?


"Right now my primary would be the MIKE with Moffitt leaving, but they want me to learn the WILL also because Mompremier and a few other guys will be leaving so they want be to be able to pay both."


Lanaris did say that when they were watching the highlight reels that it made him even more eager.


"Of course it makes me feel excited, and hopefully next year or in years to come, the new recruits will be coming in and watching me on the highlight tape. Watching anything like that makes me want to go strap on a helmet and start hitting things.


The Lake Mary linebacker may want to strap it on for the Bulls now, but he know he's got to wait until summer, and also knows with his senior season now over what he plans to do until that time.


"I also play catcher for our baseball team, so I'll be doing that and just be training all the time. I want to work with my speed coach and get stronger. Right now I bench335, and squat 495 and want to get stronger and ready for when I step on campus."

Lanaris said his visit to South Florida as perfect and said USF was his last visit.

"Everything was awesome and top notch. I loved hanging out with all the players and can't wait to be part of the team."

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