B.J. Daniels talks about his trip to Tampa

B.J. Daniels is one of the top targets for the Bulls this season. Find out what he thought of his visit to South Florida, what other schools he'll see before signing day and when he plans to make a final decision. Only on USFNation.com!

"I really enjoyed my visit." Said B.J. Daniels, quarterback from Lincoln high school. This was a big weekend for the Bulls and B.J., he is the only quarterback on the board right now for USF and has been for quite some time. For Daniels it was his first chance to actually spend quality time in Tampa and around the South Florida campus.

"I've been to Tampa before, but just for AAU basketball tournaments. This was my first time I've been on campus."

One of the first things Daniels noticed was the atmosphere.

"Everyone I saw was a USF fan." Adding, "I liked the atmosphere and the people there, everyone was really nice."

Daniels arrived in Tampa early on Saturday because he had a basketball game on Friday night. He was hosted by Carlton Mitchell, who he said was a good match for him.

"I liked Carlton a lot. He took me around, we went to the guys dorms and hungout. That was good because they talked to me about the program, I had a lot of questions and Carlton gave some good insight."

The highlight of the trip was a private visit to Raymond James Stadium.

"I never realized how big that place is!"

"Coach Canales took me and my family down on the field. We walked around for a little while, we even got up on the ship."

Another part of the trip that Daniels was looking forward to was a chance to meet with coach Leavitt.

"Before we left my family sat down with Coach Leavitt. It was good because my mom had a bunch of questions for him. She wanted to know more general stuff like how the housing situation works and stuff like that."

B.J. also saw the academic side of USF. He says they took a trip to the business building and toured the campus on Saturday. This was the first official visit Daniels has taken, next weekend he goes to Memphis and on the second of February he'll be at Alabama.

"I'm going to see Middle Tennessee also. I'll probably have to do that during the week though."

Daniels will make his decision on signing day, he said that's how he's always wanted to do it.

"I've always said since the beginning that I'm going to do it on signing day. After my visits I'll narrow it down and announce it at my school on February 6th."

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