Brockhaus-Kann "USF treated me like family"

All-State Punter/kicker Justin Brockhaus-Kann made his official visit to USF this weekend. Read on for all the details and highlights of the USF commits visit to Tampa. Only on

Justin Brockhaus-Kann Profile


On the same weekend that Punter/Kicker Justin Brockhaus-Kann was named first team All-State by the FWSA, the USF commit took an official visit to Tampa to get a better look at where will be calling home for the next 4-5 years.

"It was real good, everybody is real tight" said Brockhaus-Kann, "I really liked going around the campus, seeing the facilities, the dorms, and meeting with the coaches.


During the weekend visit, the 6'3-235 pound kicker was hosted by USF Kicker/punter Delbert Alvarado and roomed with linebacker Mike Lanaris from Winter Springs.


"I knew of Delbert but never spoke to him before, I liked him a lot. He's a real cool guy," said Brockhaus-Kann. "We hung out and he did a couple raps for me. I spent a lot of time with Delbert, Mike Lanaris from Winter Springs and his host Houston Hess.  We hung out together most of the weekend."


After arriving in Tampa Friday, Justin hung out with some of the players and got familiar with the campus.


"We went out to a couple different rooms around campus and hung out with some people, played video games stuff like that. It was fun"


"Saturday, we went to lunch at Busch Gardens, then went back and actually toured the campus and got to see where all the different buildings were, and met with our academic advisors. After that we went out to dinner and then just hung out."


Throughout the weekend Justin spent a lot of time talking with Leavitt and the other coaches.


"We went to dinner every night and I got a chance to talk with all the coaches. They're all real nice and spent a lot of time talking with me and my family. They said how excited they are and ready for me to come down there. They also told me they're ready for the competition between me and the new kicker they got coming in. With all the kickers it should be some good competition."


With a weekend full of activities what was the future Bull's favorite part?


"It between going around the campus, and hanging out, or going out to all the dinners. I really liked the dinners because I'm a big guy and I really like to eat. There was a lot of good food this weekend and I ate a lot. I also liked having all the coaches around when we ate dinner, which was cool."


Justin also got a chance to hang out with the other recruits who were also visiting this weekend.


"I got to talk with the kid from Miami Northwestern Quavon Taylor. He's a really nice kid and said how he really wants to get out of Miami and said USF is in the top for him. He's a real good guy and I hope he chooses them."


Although Justin has been to USF several times to watch them play, he says he got to learn something about the team that he didn't know or expect.


"One thing I found out was how cool the players were and how much they were like me. Going to the games you think they're different kind of people because they're football players, but when I got to meet them I found out there the same as me, very down to earth and very welcoming."


Joining Brockhaus-Kann this weekend were his parents, who came away with a very good feeling.


"They really liked seeing the dorms and the campus, meeting with the academic advisor and going over all the stuff that I'm going to try and major in. Justin also added, "How do I say this? They're very excited that they don't have to worry, that I'm in good hands and they know that I'm going to be taken care of."


Justin said. He finished his senior season with a 44.8 punting average, had a punt of 65 yards against Lake Mary, and played in the Central Florida High School All-Star Football Game where he had a punt of 60 yards that was fair caught. He was also named All-State, All-County, and All-District. But knows what he wants to work on before getting to campus.


"I'm going to train, kicking and punting definitely, but also in the weight room just in case I'm needed somewhere else."

Brockhaus-Kann had a great visit, and said even though he won't be on campus until summer he plans on coming over during spring practice as much as he can.

 "Overall it was a great experience. They treated me like family, and all I can say is I'm real excited to get there."

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