Donnel Engram "I loved every bit of it"

All-Star Defensive end Donnel Engram made his official visit to USF this weekend, and came away even more excited to be a Bull. Read on for all the details and highlights of the USF commits visit to Tampa. Only on Full Story

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After playing in the Pinellas All-Star game Donnel Engram was offered by Coach Leavitt, and committed the next day. This weekend the All-Star defensive MVP and USF commit took an official visit to Tampa to get a close look at where will be playing his college ball. 

"The Weekend was great, I loved every bit of it," said Engram, "I loved it from the moment I got there Friday."


During the weekend visit, the 6'2-250 pound defensive end was hosted by USF offensive lineman Sampson Genus


"I didn't know him before I got there, but he was a real cool and we got along great," "My roommate was Cory Grissom. We got along nice and talked a lot about football and coming in together. "


After arriving in Tampa Friday, Donnel got to check out the campus, meet the other recruits and get a chance to hang out with some of the players.


"Once we settled in, checked out the campus and things like that we went to a club called Tia's for something to do, and all hung out. It was real cool, laid back and gave me a chance to get to know some people."


Engram also got a chance to hang out with the other recruits who were also visiting this weekend.


"I hung out a lot with the other commits, it's a nice class. Josh Garvin from Lake Gibson played in the All-Star game with me so we already knew each other. I also hung with the other recruits that were in, Tommy Streeter and Corey Liuget, they were all real cool to hang out with. Corey said he liked his visit, and Tommy said he liked it too. Tommy is big for a receiver. I'm 6'2 and he towered over me."


Saturday every one got to attend the Bulls annual banquet at Busch Gardens.


"It was nice, at first I didn't know what be like or what to expect, but it was better then I expected. It was a real good time, not boring at all and I got to learn a lot about the team. I liked watching the highlights and can't wait until I'm on one of them. While we were there me and Corey Liuget went over to check out the alligators, and we would have gotten closer until some people pointed out all the birds in the tree over head dropping things into the water. So he got out of there pretty quick. It was funny."


Throughout the weekend Donnel spent a lot of time talking with Leavitt and the other coaches.


"I talked a lot with Canales and Coach McCarney. They told me how excited they were for me to be there and have the chance to do something for them. We were also talking with Coach McCarney and he was saying which defensive lineman was the fastest of all the ones visiting this weekend. And I was like it's me."


With a weekend full of activities what was the future Bull's favorite part?


"The tour of the facilities was one of my favorite parts, they were nice and to me the best I've seen. I've been to USF for a game but this was my first chance to really see the campus. Everything was real nice, what I expected, actually more then I expected."


Although Donnel has been to USF to watch the team play, he says he got to learn something about the team that he didn't know or expect.


"They're real big on academics. You got to stay up on your school work, that's one thing with Leavitt is you got o be up on your school work. I also learned that they were I think second in the nation in take-a-ways, and lost only three home games. Another thing I didn't know was that they have fifty thousand students."


Engram also got a chance to meet and bond with several players, but one Bull stood out.


"I got a chance to bond with George Selvie. We were talking and he asked me what position I played. I told him end, and that is going to have to work once I get there. I'm going to push him. It'll be one heck of a rotation."


This season Donnel was a monster on the field and finished the season with 12 sacks, 79 total tackles with 62 of them solo and 11 tackles for a loss. He also had 6 forced fumbles and 4 fumble recoveries. On the offensive side of the ball he scored 5 touchdowns while rushing for 130 yards on 10 carries. But, now that the season is over, Engram isn't playing any other sports and knows what he wants to work on before getting to campus.


"I'm going to train hard, run a lot lift hard and come in as fast and as strong as I can. I'm going to come to some practices this spring, but I got a lot of work to do still before I get there to qualify. I got to finish two classes

Engram had a great visit, and said even though he won't be on campus until summer the weekend visit has got him even more motivated.

 "The weekend was fantastic, It's got me excited to get there. That will be the next time I can play football and I'm looking forward to it." 

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