Streeter has unique experience on USF visit

Tommy Streeter is the number one prospect on the USFNation Hot 20 and was in Tampa this weekend for his official visit. Find out what made the visit special and what effect it will have on his decision. Only on -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

How was your visit to South Florida?

It was a good visit. I liked sitting down with the players and spending time with them.

What did you talk about?

I got their perspective on everything. They opened my eyes to the family atmosphere there. Most of the schools I've been to, my host only knows the players on his side of the ball. At USF the guys all know each other no matter if they play offense or defense. They talked about how they are all close and they play for each other.

Did you do anything special on your visit?

Yeah. I went to the ABC studio and Al Keck, the sports broadcaster took me on a tour of the studio. I saw a live news broadcast. It was cool. I learned a lot of stuff I never knew. When I saw them do the weather, I always wondered how they knew what they were pointing at. I know they use a green screen, but I saw the monitors they look at while they talk about it. I thought that was cool.

Did you see the academics at USF as well?

They took me to my field, mass communications. They also showed me that some of the students at USF intern with ABC and they showed me the projects they work on and the equipment they get to work with.

What was your highlight of the trip?

The banquet was my favorite. I liked how everyone was recognized, even the scout team, the Oline, everyone was recognized. I got to see where a lot of the players came from, what cities everyone is from. The highlight tape was good. I liked the offensive lineman that they honored for coming back from all those injuries (Matt Huners). They showed highlights of his return and how he came back early. That was inspiring to me.

Where did the players take you after the banquet?

We went to the Bulls Club. It was Tyller Roberts birthday and we had some of his cake that someone made for him and then we went out for a little while.

How was your interaction with the USF coaching staff?

They showed me the different offensive schemes they run and how they play. Being a receiver I know I would have a good opportunity because they use 5 wideouts and constantly substitute guys in and out.

How did this visit change your views of the South Florida program?

It changes everything. This was a whole side of USF that I've never seen. They've got guys coming from all sides of the state, everyone bonds together like they are all local guys growing up with each other.

Now that you've taken a few visits how does this compare to the others?

It rates high. It's hard to explain…I guess the intangibles are there. Like how close the team is and you can just see how they are a family. They know all the guys that play next to them and they play for each other and the team.

Is USF a place you could see your self playing?

Yeah. I got a chance to meet Coach (Larry) Scott's son. That little kid is so cool! I asked him if it was true that his dad was a good cook and he was telling me all about the stuff he makes. Then he told me "come play at USF". It was cool.

Do you have any visits set for next weekend?

I have no idea, I haven't spoken with anyone yet.

You had Ole Miss scheduled, is that going to happen?

No, I never had them scheduled.

When will you decide on that?

Probably some time this week, I'm not sure right now.

You got 9 days till you have to make a decision, you gotta have a leader at this point right?

Mmmm, I got a leader, it's a group of schools I'm still considering, but you'll have to wait till signing day.

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