B.J. Daniels narrows it down to 3

USFNation has the exclusive interview with Lincoln quarterback B.J. Daniels. He talks about the rumors of a possible visit to Michigan, where USF stands, what effect QB Terrelle Pryor will have on his decision and much more!

There are rumors you scheduled a Michigan visit for this weekend, is that true?

Yeah, Michigan will be my last visit. I won't be visiting Middle Tennesse State.

Is there a chance there will be any other schools jumping in at the last minute?

There are schools calling but I'm turning them away, I don't want to add to the confusion. I'm set on the three schools that I'm taking visits to (Memphis, USF and Michigan).

How serious are you about Michigan?

Back when Coach Rodriguez was at West Virginia I was interested because that's the type of offense I want to run, it's similar to what we run in high school at Lincoln. So, I've been interested in them for a while, but now that he's at Michigan I really don't know without seeing the campus. I really can't compare (Michigan) to Memphis or USF right now.

Has Michigan offered you a scholarship?

I have been offered as a quarterback. Coach (Greg) Frey offered me about two or three days ago.

What will you be looking for on your visit to Michigan?

From what I understand they are going after three quarterbacks. Obviously Terrelle Pryor is their number one, then there is me and I'm not sure who their third is.

When I go to Michigan I will be doing the same things I did on my visit to USF and Memphis. I'm going to look at the campus and see where I stand as far as me getting a chance to compete early at the quarterback position. I know they are a big time program but I'm going to treat it the same as all my other visits. The flash and big tall, expensive buildings won't phase me. I just want to make sure that whatever situation I'm in is the best for me.

How much of your decision is based on what Terrelle Pryor does?

Well, he is the number one quarterback in the nation. I think I'm number 8 as far as dual threat quarterbacks are concerned. Competition does not scare me at all, whether I'm playing football, basketball or even checkers, competition is not something I'm worried about. But he does play a bit of a factor. If he ends up going there (Michigan), good for him, if I end up going there it won't matter. His decision won't effect what I do.

When do you plan on making your decision? Not your announcement, I'm sure that will come on signing day, but when will you decide with your family?

Honestly I don't know. Obviously it will be a day or so before signing day, I'm not sure of exactly when. I do know one thing – I will not make a decision on my visit. I do know that. I guess sometime when I get back is when I'll decide. It will be in-house, just with my family and I'll probably do that a day or two before.

Are you going to contact the three schools involved once you come to a decision?

I think I'll call all three and let them know. I don't think it will be right to lead them on not knowing. They can't call me after the third (B.J. is allowed to contact the schools), and I want to keep good relationships with all the schools. Anything can happen, coaches can change and things like that.

Have you talked to USF since being offered by Michigan?

I have not. My dad has talked to Coach Canales though. He talked to him after the offer and from what I understand my offer is still on the table, they are still interested and so am I.

In the end what will be the biggest factor in your decision?

I'm not sure. I'm going to listen to my parents and see what they have to say, but ultimately the decision is up to me. The three major factors are playing time, basketball and being comfortable with the coaching staff.

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