Post-Signing Day Q&A: QB B.J. Daniels

B.J. Daniels is one of the top recruits in the Bull's '08 class, and he waited till the last minute to make his decision. Now he gives USFNation the first interview since signing his LOI last Wednesday. Read on for the entire story.

When did you figure out you were going to sign with South Florida?


The night before is when I really felt confident.  It was between USF and Memphis.  Basketball was a big factor and Memphis being number one was a big turn-on.  But with USF's strength of schedule in football and they're a BCS school, that really put me over the edge.


That night (Tuesday) you had a conversation with Coach Leavitt, what did you two talk about?


It was just one simple question, "Am I going to be able to play basketball".  I know guys have had trouble doing both and a lot of people give up.  I wanted to ask him if I would have that opportunity.  He said yes, as long as I don't get hurt playing football and I keep my grades up he said he wouldn't have a problem with it.


How long do you plan on pursuing a basketball career?


I want to play.  Hopefully I get a tryout, make the team and have a chance to start.  I want to contribute to the South Florida program the same way I do here at Lincoln, playing both sports.


What is it about the Bulls that attracted you to the program initially?


It's close to home.  They were the closest offer to home that I have.  I liked their tough schedule.  When they beat Auburn, that really opened up my eyes, it showed a lot to the country, not just me.


What are your family members saying about your decision?


They are proud of me.  My grandparents and parents helped me with my decision, but they NEVER told me where they wanted me to go, it was always up to me.  After signing day they all admitted they wanted me to South Florida, but before they never told me because they didn't want me to look back and say, "I went to this school because my parents wanted me to".


What role did Coach Canales play in your decision to come to USF?


He played a big role.  He was here like every-other week, just checkin on me, making sure everything was okay.  He came to a couple basketball games and I just felt comfortable around him and he really helped me out.


How do you see yourself fitting in USF's offense in the future?


Some people around the city ask me if I'm going there to play quarterback and I say ‘Yes'.  Most people don't know a whole lot about the offense they run, but it's just like the offense we run at Lincoln.  It looks the same, some stuff is different and the plays are called in a different way, but other than that it's pretty similar.


Are you looking forward to learning from Matt Grothe?


Yes I am.  Coach has already sent me a playbook, I'm going to try to learn everything I can from Coach Canales, Coach Gregory and Matt Grothe. 


When do you plan on getting to campus?


I'll enroll in the summer.  My grades are good.  Last semester I got a 3.9 and this semester I'm on track to get a 3.5, I took my test again yesterday and the first time I got a 17 on my ACT.


Have you had a chance to talk with the wide receivers on the team?


Well, when I was on my trip my host was Carlton Mitchell, so I talked with him a lot.  I also met Cedric Hill, the tight end from Valdosta, we played against him my freshman year.  Those guys are cool, I had a chance to talk with him.  Everyone is down-to-earth on the team.  A bunch of the guys are from around here and I've met a lot of them.


What are you most looking forward to after you graduate from Lincoln?


Getting on the field at Raymond James and running out of the tunnel with the rest of the team.  That's something I'm already excited about.


What are your expectations as a freshman?


I'm a competitive guy, I hate losing.  I'm going to do whatever I can to get on the field.  I'm not looking to talk trash, take spots and call people out – I'm looking to learn the system, compete and if my time comes earlier than expected I'll be ready to go. 

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