Post-Signing Day Q&A: CB George Baker

George Baker was one of the top defensive recruits in the Bull's '08 class, and the standout corner didn't announce his decision until Signing Day. Now he gives USFNation an in depth interview on the choice he made last Wednesday. Read on for the entire story.


George Baker


When did you decide that you were going to sign with South Florida?


After I got home from my visit, that Monday, I knew where I wanted to play. I talked things over with my parents, and just knew what was best.  It was between USF


When did you let the coaches know of your choice?


I let them know on signing day.


What is it about the Bulls that attracted you to the program initially?


At first, they were rising as a program and were recruiting me hard, and I had a good relationship with Coach Rachel, and Coach Scott. After they beat Auburn, and became aware of their depth chart is when I started to really look at them.


What was it hat helped you make your decision?


When I went on my visit, I just liked everything about it, the whole environment. The coaches and the players were great, and everybody was close. Also it's close to home. 


What are your family members saying about your decision?


My mom really liked everything when we were on the visit, the coaches, and the school and felt very comfortable with me going there. But it was my decision, and they're very happy with my choice and glad I stayed in state.


What coaches played the biggest role in your decision to come to USF?


At first it was Coach Rachel who came by my school, but also Coaches Scott and Coach Douglas all had a big role. I felt very comfortable around them.


How do you see yourself fitting in USF's offense in the future?


They're talking about several different things with me in the defensive backfield, and as a punt/kick return guy. There's a chance I could see the field early, but we'll have to wait and see when I get there.


Who are you looking forward to learning from the most when you get to Tampa?


I'm looking forward to learning from the coaches and some of the DB's that are already there and have experience. 


What are your plans from now until you arrive on campus?


I want to finish out my senior year strong and do a lot of training. I run track, and compete in the 100, 100 and the 200, but want to hit the weight room and get stronger, and prepare myself.

When do you plan on getting to campus?


I'll be there sometime this summer, I'm not sure exactly, I think May or June. I have a 3.3 GPA, and scored a 750 on my SAT and am already qualified


What are you most looking forward to when you finish high school?


I'm just looking forward to getting to college and enjoying the college life. I'm very excited and can't wait.


What are your strongest points as a player?


My speed definitely, and also my gift of seeing the field, and knowing the game


What are your expectations as a freshman?


I want to work as hard as I can and beat my man every time, and hopefully earn some playing time.  I know there is a big difference from high school to college and I'll have a learning curve before I get there, so I want to continue to work and train, and get ready.

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