Bay Area DT wants to stay close to home

Freedom HS defensive tackle Coril Joseph talks about what teams are showing interest, why he would like to stay home and what type of player he is on the field. Read on for the entire story, only on!

Every player is motivated by something. For some it's fame, for some it's the strive for greatness, for Coril Joseph of Freedom High School, it's his mom.

"My goal is to get a scholarship to play football."

Not because his friends think it's cool or because Coril thinks he's going to the NFL, he does it for his family.

"I'm trying to make my mom happy. I want to get a scholarship so she doesn't have to pay for anything and I can go to school."

At 6-foot-1, 278 pounds Joseph is a starter at Freedom HS on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. On offense he plays fullback and on defense he plays defensive tackle. He's not sure of his stats from last year, but he does know one thing – he went hard on every play.

"That's my strength, I go hard on every single play. I also have good technique and a quick first step."

He says he learned to play with a "motor" from watching Warren Sapp during his tenure in Tampa.

With the '09 recruiting season only a few days old, Joseph is already receiving interest from a number of schools.

"I don't have any offers yet but NCST, Boston College, USF, Georgia Tech, Kansas and Pitt are all sending me letters."

Coril admits that staying home and playing in-state is a priority.

"I grew up as a Gator fan, but living in Tampa I talk to a lot of USF fans and I've started rooting for the home team."

There are a couple things about USF that stand out to Coril.

"From the schools I've been to, South Florida has the nicest facilities. The players are friendly, the coaches are friendly and all-around it's a family type atmosphere."

Coril says he experienced that family atmosphere first-hand over the summer. His coach took him and a few teammates to a couple summer practices and he said watching the team go through the drills and interact with the coaches gave him a good feel for what the Bulls program is all about.

Other than USF, Joseph says he's high on the Boston College program.

"I've never been to the school, but I've been to Boston a few times to visit friends. I like their academics and their graduation rate. They put a lot of emphasis on school and at the same time have a top football program every year."

Coril currently has a 3.5 GPA and will take his SAT's for the first time in March. This summer he will attend as many camps as he can. He doesn't know his exact schedule, but there are two camps he'll definitely attend – NC State and BC.

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