Post-Signing Day Q&A: Jatavious Jackson

Jatavious Jackson was one of the top two-way lineman in the state, and was a last minute surprise on signing day. Now he gives USFNation the first interview since completing his LOI last Wednesday. Read on for the entire story.

Jatavious Jackson



When did you figure out you were going to sign with USF? 

I didn't make my decision until signing day.


What other schools were you considering before you signed with South Florida? 

I was also looking at Clemson, West Virginia, and LSU.


What is it that made you decide on USF? 

I thought that USF was a good fit for me. I just like their program. They have a lot of good things going on over there. I also like the coaches, and that they stayed on me and kept contact through out the year.


What actually happened last year?  

I took a few classes at FSU in the summer session, but had a clearinghouse issue and had to take a high school class over. By the time everything was all settled they had the class all ready filled.


Did you use any of you eligibility?

No, I'll have four years of eligibility remaining still.


What have you been doing to stay in shape? 

I've been working out some on my own, running and stuff like that.


How long will it take you to get back in football shape? 

Shouldn't take to long, I'd say a month or so. Yeah about a month, just so I can get my legs back. Right now I'm benching around 290, and squatting 315 pounds.


You played both ways in high school what position(s) are you going to play with the Bulls?

I've played both offensive guard and tackle, and d-tackle, but prefer defensive. When I get to Tampa, I'm going to start out on defense and see how that goes.


What are your strengths as a player? 

My athleticism and my smarts are my strongest points.  


What do you want to work on from now until you arrive on campus? 

I want to work on my strength, and conditioning. I need to get my strength up, and I want to get as strong as possible for I get to campus.


What are your goals for when you get to USF? 

I haven't really thought about that too much. It just feels good to get back into the swing of things.


What USF coaches have you been talking with the most? 

Mostly I talked with Coach Leavitt. He's a great coach and At first it was Coach Rachel who came by my school, but also Coaches Scott and Coach Douglas all had a big role. I felt very comfortable around them


Do you know any players on the Bulls? 

Yes, I know Aston Samuels and Jessie Hester Jr. His dad is the new coach at my high school.

When do you plan on getting to campus?

I'll enroll at USF in May, I'm not sure the exact date, but right around then. I'm already qualified and all that, I just have to wait for the summer session to begin.


Are you excited to be playing football again? 

"Yes I am, I'm ready to start the next chapter, and I'm very excited to be playing for the Bulls. 

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