USF Winter Conditioning: Lifter of the Week

During winter condtioniong, the strength staff votes a lifter of the week for the player who had the best overall effort and up to three honorable mentions. Read on to see what players had the best week in the weight room. Only on

The start of spring practice is right around the corner for the Bulls. That means they are in the thick of the winter conditioning program.

"What makes a good football player a great football player is the work he puts into the off-season," said McKeefery.

With no games to prepare for, Strength Coach McKeefery has created a competition in the weight room among the players. It's an annual winter competition that this year pits the offense against the defense in hopes of building intensity, and also recognizes an individual's achievement. Last Year starting linebacker Ben Moffitt had the most points in the competition.

Each week the players are competing in different areas in the weight room. Every player starts off with 100 points. Then points are added or subtracted depending on different factors.

For example if they have a great workout its plus one point, if it's bad then it's minus one point. If they miss a work out its minus 10 points and have to come back later to make it up, if they are late it's minus 5 points. If a player comes in on his day off he gets a point, and if they win the daily competition they get points.

At the end of each week the staff votes a lifter of the week for the player, who had the best overall effort, and he gets 10 points, and up to three honorable mentions that will get 5 points each to go along with being recognized for their acheivments

The players who had the best overall effort this week are the following:



Mike McGowan – At 6'5-260 pounds, the redshirt freshman OG/TE continues to show his dedication through hard work in the weight room. McGowan was already given the Overachiever Award at the 2008 football banquet for the freshman football player who achieved outstanding performance levels in the areas of strength and conditioning while demonstrating an intense, tireless work ethic.

Honorable Mention  

Honorable MentionKenneth Luberice 6'0-231 pound redshirt freshman linebacker. Tried out last year and earned a spot on the roster. Continues to show hard work and dedication on the field and off, after being named a Golden Bull at the '08 football banquet.
Honorable Mention - Chaz Hine 6'3-297 pound redshirt freshman offensive lineman. Was a preferred walk-on last season, and has been recognized for his hard work in the weight room.


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