USF Winter Conditioning: Top Performers

The Bulls have concluded the winter conditioning phase and also the annual lifting competition between the offense and the defense that goes with it. Find out who won and who were the top performers. Only on

The start of spring practice this week also means that the Bulls have concluded the winter conditioning phase and also the annual lifting competition between the offense and the defense that goes with it.

It's an annual winter competition that this year pits the offense against the defense in hopes of building intensity, and also recognizes an individual's achievement. Last Year starting linebacker Ben Moffitt had the most points in the competition.

Each week the players are competing in different areas in the weight room. Every player starts off with 100 points. Then points are added or subtracted depending on different factors.

For example if they have a great workout its plus one point, if it's bad then it's minus one point. If they miss a work out its minus 10 points and have to come back later to make it up, if they are late it's minus 5 points. If a player comes in on his day off he gets a point, and if they win the daily competition they get points.

At the end of each week the staff votes a lifter of the week for the player, who had the best overall effort, and he gets 10 points, and up to three honorable mentions that will get 5 points each to go along with being recognized for their achievements.

All the points all tallied throughout winter conditioning, and its a heated competition. The players are competitors, and that's why they are good athletes and perform at a high level. They love to compete,  each day they come in and are eager to be in the weight room because they want compete and beat the other team. With the mindset that they want to work, push, and want to win.

It was a close race But was won through the hard work by the defense that averaged 122.8 points over the offense that averaged 113.5. points. The Defense was led by Tyrone McKenzie's 177 pts, and the top offensive performer was Grant Gregory with 167 points. 

Defense total 122.8
Offense total  113.5

The players who had the best overall effort during winter conditioning:

Top Defensive Performers

Tyrone McKenzie 177 pts.

 6'2-230 pound Senior linebacker that transferred from Iowa State and has made an instant impact on the field. Known for his work ethic its no wonder McKenzie was the overall leader of the competition. Has a top 10 max bench of 410, 225 rep of 27, and a max squat of 560 pounds. Was named the First Teamer Award  In recognition of the player that exemplifies leadership on and off the field, great character, physical and mental toughness.

Danny Verpaele 140 pts.

5'11 200 pound senior defensive back that started as a true freshman before an ankle injury, but returned and had a critical forced fumble on the Bulls one-yard line in the win at West Virginia '06. Verpale sat out the 2007 season, but has been working hard in the weight room in preparation for spring.

Jarriett Buie137 pts. 

 6'43-255 pound senior defensive end, that in first year of considerable playing time has shown speed, athleticism, strength, pass rushing ability to have an impact, and continues to work hard to get better. Led all Bulls with a max bench of 410, and a top three 28 reps of 225 pounds, and a top three max squat of 525 pounds.

Top Offensive Performers

 Grant Gregory 167 pts.

6'1-205 pound senior quarterback  that backs up Matt Grothe, but has toughness and is the consummate academic athlete, that won the Bulls Scholar Athlete award and shows hard work and dedication in strength and conditioning.
Antwon Hanks 133 pts.

6'3-210 pound receiver, that originally was on the USF Track & Field Team, before he walked on to the football team. Has outstanding speed and good height, and has been working hard in the off season, to add muscle and take advantage of his height and speed.

Ben Williams 133 pts.

5''7-200 pound running back . Was a walk-on that earned considerable playing time and a scholarship through his on field efforts and his tireless work and dedication in the weight room. Leads all Bulls with a max squat of 620, and a top 10 max bench of 410 pounds.


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