USFNation Q&A: Bulls Commit Adaris Bellamy

USFNation earlier broke the story that the Bulls got a huge commitment from Adaris Bellamy out of Dunedin High School. Now, in this exclusive interview find out why one of the top backs in the state chose USF, what type of a player he is, and much more. Only on! Get it First, Get it Fast!

Are you relieved that you made an early decision?

"Yes, it takes a lot off my back, and takes a lot of stress off of me of wondering what college I was going to go to. I found the one that I really want and I'm very happy about that. Now I can focus on the next season and my grades."


What were you looking for in your college choice?

"I was looking for a school with a good academic program, a stable football team that doesn't go up and down, but is on the way up. USF was everything I was looking for."


What were some of the things you liked about USF?

"I've been to a couple practices and I really like the program, and the coaches seem like they're really down to earth. It seams really like a family program, and the coaches seam like father figures to the players."


How did you receive the USF offer?

 "I got my first offer from USF a few weeks ago, from Coach Gregory. They called my coach, and then I called them back."


What were the main reasons you chose USF?

"After meeting the coaches and the players and felt very comfortable with the whole team and the program. When I went to they're junior day, they made me feel like I was at home. I also brought my little brother with me and they made him fell very welcome, comfortable, and like he was at home too, and I based part of my decision on that."


Do you know any players at USF?

"No football players but, I'm friends with Aaron Holmes the basketball player. He went to St. Pete Catholic, and I played there my freshman year. Also, my teammate is already accepted to go there this summer, and he's going to try and walk on to the football team."


After watching the Bulls, how do you feel you're style of running will fit into the offense?

"Oh yeah, with my different running styles I feel I can adapt to their style of game very easily."


What type of a back are you?

"I'm a speed/power back. In our offense I'm considered a fullback, but in any other offense it's considered the number one running back/A-back.


Tell us about what improvements in your game you made from your sophomore season?

"From my sophomore year, I made a lot of improvements in my game actually. I became more of a team player and a leader. I learned to not make extra moves down field, and that my shoulder can get me a lot more yards then running around. I learned a lot, and it helped my game."


What are your goals for this spring?

"This spring to improve for the next season I'm going to get in the weight room more, work on agility stuff, power digs, and my speed. There's a lot to do and I fell I should improve on everything really."


Do you have any goals for next season?

"It's always good to have goals for yourself. For my senior year I want to break the school record for rushing which I set last year, and also try to break the county rushing record to. I wan to help my team play better, and take it one game at a time and go for the perfect season."


Have you taken any placement tests yet?

"No, but I'm scheduled to take both in June, the SAT on the 7th and the ACT on the 14th.  I'm also taking grade forgiveness courses to bring help bring my GPA up."


What do you like to be called?

"I prefer to be called by my last name, Bellamy."


Are you planning on going to any other USF spring practices?

"Yes, I‘ll be going to a couple of those and the spring game as well. I try and get up to the campus as much as I can."


Are you planning on visiting any other schools at this point?

"I really don't know, I already went to Florida for their junior day and to USF, but, I'm really excited about USF and I don't think I'm going to visit any other colleges. I might, but don't have any other plans too."


How solid would you consider your commitment to USF?

"Very solid, I'm real excited about my choice."

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