Coach Gregory "We can be a very good offense"

Bulls offensive coordinator, Coach Gregory gives USFNation his assessment of the offense after the first week of spring practice. Only on

Even though due to rain, the Bulls only got in one day of practice before the break, offense coordinator Greg Gregory was happy with what he saw.


"I was pretty pleased with how much they were able to handle, because we put a ton in the first day. There were very few missed assignments. A couple guys went the wrong way a few times but overall they had a good day."


In 2007 the Bulls statistically had the best offensive season ever, but Gregory thinks they could be an even more improved team this spring.


"We should be a really good offense. If we can cut down on the turnovers, we should be a very good offense, and that's what I expect out of them and I think they expect that from themselves."


One of the keys this spring will be that the veterans keep making strides and grow as players and as leaders.


"We have to make sure that he experienced players that have received playing time continue to improve, and the guys that are new come in and get to the point that they are pushing to be major players for us. If we don't have guys continue to improve and stay the same, then we won't improve as a team, plain and simple."


For the first time as the Bulls offensive coordinator Gregory is truly comfortable with the returning offensive squad entering the spring.


"We have depth at every skill position. We have quality players at quarterback, running back, receiver, and at tight end. When I say quality, I mean guys that have played and proven they can play, but if they don't elevate we won't elevate and get better."


Unlike the defense that lost five starters, the offense is basically returning intact, but still lost key personnel, especially at tackle.


"We not replacing anybody but right tackle, but we lost some depth with Sampson switching over to defense. We have to get some depth on the offensive line. We really need the offensive line to really elevate to the next level."


The Bulls lost senior Walter Walker, and back-up Jared Carnes, and entered the spring with a question mark at tackle, and will feature two youngsters competing for the spot.


"At the tackle spot, right now we're going to let Sims and Jeremiah battle that thing out, but we've told all the players, it doesn't matter where you are now. They might think they are the starter at tackle, but if your not one of the best five, then we are going to find the best five and put them up front."


Gregory reiterated that philosophy goes for the entire offense, regardless if they are a starter or back-ups.


"Yeah, that goes across the board. If you think you're the starting H-receiver, but the number two Y, is playing better, then the number two Y is going over there. We will put the best eleven on the field."


There is a lot expected out of the Bulls in 2008, and many are expecting them to compete for a Big East championship if not more.


"In order to win the championship it all comes down to the offensive line play and our skill guys not turning the ball over to win the championship."


During the crazy ride that was the Bulls 2008 season, being 117th in the country in turnovers, was one very infamous statistic, they would like to change.


"We were 117th in turnovers but half of those turnovers came in three games, West Virginia, Oregon, and Cincinnati. The rest of the season we handled the ball pretty good. At Connecticut we had two costly turnovers, one gave them a touchdown and one cost us a touchdown."


Being that they were on the bottom end for turnovers Gregory said that this spring reducing that will be a main priority.


"The biggest thing or the major goal for the spring especially in a scrimmage situation is not to turn the ball over. That will also help the defense out a well.  If we focus on not tuning the ball over and focus on improving one day at a time, one drill at a time, one play at a time, we have a real good chance of being a real good offensive football team, and I think we will."


The other main focus for the spring is to get more efficient as an offense, especially when it counts the most.


"Our number two goal this spring will be to increase our red zone productivity. We increased from a year ago, believe it or not, by 7 or 8 percent, but we got to get much better in that area. Ideally you want to be in the 80 percent range."


What does Gregory expect out of his players when they resume practices next week?


"I want them to get a little better every day, and to increase competition at every position. As an individual, we want them to compete against themselves, against others at their position, against the defense when we go against them. Just get a little better every day."


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