Kansas City QB has strong connections to USF

With several out-of-state recruits already on the board, it's time to add another. USFNation talked with 4-Star QB Nathan Scheelhaase and he says the Bulls are on his radar, find out how he's connected and why he's excited about the up-and-coming Bulls program. Read on for the entire story.

It's time, once again, for South Florida fans to put another big name on the out-of-state recruiting board. There are already two well-known names in Tate Forcier, California and Kevin Newsome, Virginia. The next name you need to know is another quarterback, Nathan Scheelhaase from Kansas City, Missouri.

As a junior, Scheelhaase completed 86-of-137 passes for 1,861 yards with 20 touchdowns and five interceptions. He had 123 carries for 917 yards and 14 touchdowns.

He was named the Missouri Gatorade Player of the Year and was given the Simone Award as the Kansas City Player of the Year. Scheelhaase was the first junior to win the award in its 25 year history. He was All-Metro Player of the Year, and first team All-State (writers and coaches).

"I would say my ability to do a lot of things as a quarterback is my biggest strength," he said. "I can use my legs and arms. I use my versatility. I am a leader. I have been playing quarterback since the second grade. I just want to win games. I hate losing. It's important for any athlete to want to win. I want to win as much as anyone."

The 6-foot-2, 189-prospect has been clocked numerous times in the 4.50 forty range and would like the opportunity to play quarterback on the next level. Most schools are recruiting him for the position. Nathan has several offers from top schools including, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas and most recently South Florida.

"USF offered me this week." Said Scheelhasse.

"I'm not sure which coach is recruiting me. I know I got an offer in the mail and then the next day I got a letter from every coach on the staff. I got like eleven letters."

How does a kid from Missouri get an out-pouring of interest from a team several states away? Connections of course, in this case it's a pair of head coaches that go way back.

"My head coach, Tony Severino knows their (USF) head coach pretty well. They have a good relationship and they have talked a few times this spring. I don't know how they know each other but from the way my coach talks it sounds like they are good friends and talk to each other in the off season."

That's not the only connection the Bulls have to Nathan's coaching staff.

"In the letter Leavitt wrote to me he actually said that he used to be a roommate with my assistant coach, coach Burg. They got a lot of connections that I didn't even know about."

And it doesn't stop there. Nathan's mom works in Missouri, but her company is based out of Tampa and the 4-star quarterback is familiar with the town because his mom makes several trips a year to Florida and Nathan says he's been at least 5 times that he can remember.

"My mom's company is based in Tampa and all the people are big USF fans and I hear about them all the time."

Nathan likes the possibility of continuing his career in Florida, not only for the competition, but because it could also benefit his family.

"When you talk Florida football, you know it's serious. I would love to play down there. I'm not locked down to Kansas City or anything and it wouldn't be a bad move for my mom either. I know she wouldn't mind living in a nice area like that."

In the minds of Florida recruits it's well-known that USF is one of the up-and-coming programs in the country, but where do the Bulls stand in the eyes of a recruit from middle America?

"You know that's funny you ask. Just the other day when I got the offer from USF someone text me something like ‘oh, I see you just got an offer from the new up-and-coming power house in Florida.' I feel like they are the dark horse in Florida."

"Everyone knows about Florida, Miami and Florida State, they are always going to be top programs, but then you got USF putting themselves on the map and at one point they were the highest ranked Florida team. That says a lot about how far they've come and what a job that coaching staff has done."

When making the move to the next level, Nathan says he is looking to play in an offense similar to what the Bull's run. It won't be the deciding factor, but when the time comes to narrow down the school's Nathan wants to be sure he is looking at a program that fits his style of play.

"I think I fit their (USF) offense real well. The way they spread the QB out and have him run the show. I like how they have him make all the decisions and be a leader. That's the type of player I am."

This spring and summer Sheelhaase will make a couple trips to college campuses for their annual camps. He doesn't have anything officially set yet because he's waiting to see who else offers. In the spring Nathan will probably visit with school's within driving distance and he said over the summer he'll look into taking a couple trips around the country, including a possible visit to Tampa.

Stick with USFNation for the latest on this 4-star QB, we'll stay on top of it and let you know if/when a visit is scheduled for this summer.

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