Coach Douglas Breaks Down the USF Secondary

The Bulls are a third of the way through spring practice and USF defensive back Coach Troy Douglas tells USFNation his thoughts on the secondary, the depth chart, replacing three corners, and more. Only on -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

USF Defensive Back Coach Troy Douglas

What's your assessment of the secondary so far this spring?


"Defensively we're coming along, but safety is one of the only positions that we have depth in on defense. We don't have a third corner right now, and those kids are young but they're working hard. I think the first two guys are okay but we have to find a third and fourth guy, and get some depth. On the D-line we got four guys that think there starters, and at linebacker we got two guys back but have to develop a MIKE."


What is the two-deep depth like at safety?


"The only position that we have people that have played a lot of football is safety. We got Carlton (Williams , Nate (Allen), (Danny) Verpaele, and Louis (Gachette) is playing a lot. We got those four guys that have played a lot of football, and are confident in all of them."


Have you got your starters at safety?


"If we're in regular we got Carlton & Nate the two guys that started last year. Verpaele has been pushing and he's a smart kid that's like having another coach back there, and then Louis. If we go nickel then Verpaele and Carlton would be in, and Nate at free safety."


Are Jerome Murphy and Tyller Roberts making a strong push to be starters at corner?


"Right now they are yeah. Both those guys have played a lot too. They played nickel, they played safety, ad they've played corner. They both have got a lot of game action, and have made a lot of plays for us. They have never really been starters but have played a lot of ball at nickel and as back-ups. So I'm confident in those two guys, but right now we don't have a third guy."


Who are the leading candidates for third & fourth corners?


"We're trying to develop Quenton (Washington), Tyson Butler,& Dylan (Douglas). So we have to develop a third guy and if none of them develop then we signed a JUCO guy in Theo Wilson, and then we also have the (John) Lejiste kid, and the (George) Baker Kid coming in this summer."


With Carlton Williams playing several positions in his career does that give you options?


"The good thing with Carlton is he's bigger enough to play in the box if they come out in a base set. He might be our SAM linebacker and we might play 5 DB's, who knows. If we don't get a MIKE that develops then we might have to move (Brouce) Mompremier or one of those guys inside and let Carlton be the SAM."

Are they any surprises so far this spring?


"No not really, it's about what I expected, the veterans are playing, and the new guys are coming along, but they have a long way to go."

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