USF Spring Q&A: George Selvie & Aaron Harris

As another week of the Bulls spring practice is almost in the books, USFNation got a chance to talk with several members of the D-line. Read this exclusive interview and see what George Selvie & Aaron Harris have to say. Only on Get it First, Get it Fast!

George Selvie & Aaron Harris

Being some of the veterans on defense are you teaching the new guys?


Selvie:  "It's not much teaching, they've been watching us since the beginning so we're just trying to do everything right.  We don't verbally tell them what to do, we just do what's right and hopefully they do what we do."


Harris:  "I really don't teach, we got coaches for that, but I try to help whenever I can."



Now that you've been starters and younger guys are looking up to you, are you taking more of a leadership role?


Selvie:  "I'm just trying to do the same old thing that I've always done, just Work hard. I'm not very vocal, and try to lead by example, and that's all I try and do."


Harris:  "I never really think about it, but I'm like George and just work hard and try to lead by example."



What changes have you made over the last year?


Selvie:  "I just work hard, get out there and try and get better. I'm also trying to support the other guys. A few days ago, I stayed late after practice by myself, but then the next day four more people stayed after with me for extra work. We don't get a lot of extra time together, so it helps."


Harris:  "I'm stronger, and a little bit bigger.


You both are bigger this year, what did you play at last year and how does the extra weight feel?


Selvie:  "I'm 242, I averaged around 235 last year, I like the extra weight, but got to get used to it. It kind of got me tired right now."


Harris:  "I'm 260, last year I think I was 254 soaking yet. It's not a big change but I feel good"



Has it been hard getting used to the new coaches?


Selvie:  "It's tough, but I'm used to it, this is my fourth coach, and it's hard during the transition, but you just have to work and get used to it, you have to.  It's up to you. They're not going to play the games. You have to go out there and play the game, and win the game on the field."


Harris:  "This is my third coach, and when we got new coaches we all struggle a bit, but you just work through it. My first year here we had two coaches so it's like it was my freshmen year. You get used to it. We can't always work as a whole defensive line so it's a little more work, but it's not that bad"



Do Coach Hendricks and Coach Patrick work hand in hand or is it like good cop/bad cop?


Selvie:  "They both are like the same, but Coach Hendricks doesn't curse, and Coach Patrick does, that's the main difference. There are there together and it's working"


Harris:  "It's different, they both got their own styles, but they both stay on us and keep us on our toes. The language is a bit toned down though from last year."



Is there anybody on the line that impresses you out there?


Selvie:  "Sampson Genus, who moved over from the offensive line is doing real good on the d-line. He's really showing up and getting in the backfield and making stuff happen, and I like to see that. Also Patrick Hampton is doing real well also. He's coming in on second team, and sometimes on the first team when they take me out. When he comes in, I don't see a drop in the level of play by him. That makes me feel good that if I have to come out, we got somebody that can come in a play at the same level."


Harris:  "Also Darren Powe is making some good improvement. He's was a bit discouraged last year, and has worked hard and gained a lot of size from last year."



As a defensive line what are your goals this spring?


Harris:  "Oh man, what's our goal George? Let it eat!"


Selvie:  "Yeah, Let it eat man, let it eat!"

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