Coach Wally Burnham Breaks Down the Defense

The Bulls held their second scrimmage Saturday and USF defensive coordinator Coach Wally Burnham tells USFNation his thoughts of the performance of the defense. Find out how the position battles are panning out, and what areas need improvement. Only on -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

How are you feeling after the second scrimmage of the spring?

"I don't know, I feel a little bit better, but we still got a long way to go. If we can get everybody out there one time for a whole practice and practice as one unit together, then we'd be able to get a better idea. We played pretty good today and you got to hope you're improving, and I think we are. You can see improvement in every position. We need about ten more days instead of the three more we got, but we'll go with what we got."   


Any players stand out at the scrimmage?

"No not really, but I got to watch tape to know. You might see a guy make a play, but he ended up falling into someone  and didn't do it right or something like that, so ask me again on Tuesday and I'll know more."


What are your first impressions of Tyrone McKenzie in the middle?

"To me it seems like he's picking up pretty good. We are so young at the tackle position,  that whoever ends up in there is going to have to be a really good reader and adjuster, and do things that when they (d-line) mess up because they're young and are going to. He's got to make up for it. And that's what I'm looking for, whoever it is. Tyrone can play it, and Brouce (Mompremier) can play it. It's all who will most effective in there, and that's what I have to decide.


What are your thoughts on Kion Wilson?

"I won't know about Kion until next fall now, and that's a shame because he really needed this work so I can find out. I don't know much more about him from when he first got here. I think he can do it, but now we got to wit and see. You can't do anything about that. He's injured and it's unfortunate, but that's just the way the ball bounces for us sometimes. "


How do you think the defensive backfield is shaping up?

"I think the Safeties did good, but they better be, That's our strongest position by far.  I also think the corners are coming. Tyson Butler is doing some good things, and Quenton Washington is a player we've been watching for awhile now. I think (Jerome) Murphy is ready, I really do. I think he'll be a real good corner, and Tyller (Roberts) has got to keep getting better, and he's going to play corner and nickel for us. Also we got Theo Wilson coming in, and we got to see if he can help us at corner. If he can play corner, then I feel like we'll be alright. "


What about all the new back-ups on the defensive line?

"They're working but they all got a long ways to go.  We got true sophomores, freshmen, and a guy like Sampson (Genus), that never played over there until this spring. Some got to get bigger or lose weight, get a quicker first step, attack the line of scrimmage and all those things. We hope it all works out, but have to wait and see."


Did you get a lot of things accomplished that you wanted to so far this spring?

"Yeah, I think so. We know who are players are. We know who we have to work with and who we can win a game with. Some things the offense does confuses our kids, but we've been getting some good work in against our offense and it all helps."


Is there anything you want to work on over the next week?

"We're going to still concentrate on the young kids and getting them as many reps as we can, and put them in as many tough situations as we can over the next two days. In the spring game you don't do much, it's more of a glorified half-scrimmage, because we don't much on defense, and they don't do much on offense. So we got two chances to get better, and we're going to work them hard. This week were going to work a little more on our zone blitz package, so I can evaluate it on tape, and that's pretty much where we are."

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