Bulls DE Jarriett Buie Ready for a Big Season

After a strong 4 sack, 9 tackle performance in the spring game, USF senior defensive end Jarriet Buie is ready to build off that for '08. Read all about what he has done in the off-season, his spring performance, and more. Only on USFNation.com

Jarriett Buie


How do you feel about your four sacks, nine tackle performance in the spring game?

"I think I did well. Tonight was probably the best I've done all spring. In the spring game we break up the teams and Like Selvie says, we just try and go out and have fun. That's what I did and I think I had a good game."


What was it like going through your final spring practice?

"It's been a bit rough for me, and I went through a few bumps along the way but got it done. I went through a lot this spring, but it was all an experience and I learned a lot about myself. All the hard work I put in paid off, and I think I had a good spring."


You tore it up in the weight room this spring, posting at the top in bench max, reps, and squat, is that something new for you?

"I was always pretty strong, and started doing push ups when I was eleven, but what actually got me started was my brother who went to Virginia Tech with Michael Vick. He got me started in weight training early, and ever since I always loved the weight room."


What were some of the things you worked on this spring to be a better player?

"A lot of things just hit me, and I just tried to stay strong and overcome everything. I‘ve had like eight D-line coaches and that was one of the toughest obstacles, and I had to fight my senior year, but I'm better for it."


How have you improved as a player from last season?

"I think I just have more experience, and a little bit more comfortable with the game."


How do you feel now that spring is over going into the fall?

"I feel good, but I have a lot of room for improvement, and I just want to keep getting better and better."


Do you think the new guys will help the defensive line rotation?

"Absolutely, we got some excellent young guys that are learning, staying positive, and they're all getting better every day. The more guys that we have that can come in and keep up the pressure, the better all of us will do."


What are your goals from here on out?

"I got to keep improving and get better, technique wise and everything. I got to catch up to Selvie."

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