Post Spring Q&A With Bulls QB Matt Grothe

With USF Spring practice now over, Bulls quarterback Matt Grothe talks with and gives his thoughts on his third spring as a Bull, the difference from last year, who has impressed him and more. Only on

USF QB Matt Grothe

What was different from your third spring as a Bull from the past years?

"I'm getting old, that's about it. It's still long days, and hard work, I'm a bit older, and hopefully wiser."


How was it for you mentally going through your third spring?

"This spring it's been working on all the little things. The last couple of years it's been getting everything down that I need to know. Now it's just working on what I need to work on and getting better at what I do."


Are you different physically then last year?

"I put on a little bit of weight, and got a little bit stronger. Besides that my feet finally feel a hundred percent, and I'm looking forward to this season."


How was it working with so many returning starters on offense different from the past?

"We've looked pretty good this spring. The last couple of years we had guys come in and had to replace this and replace that, and this year we haven't had to replace that much. We actually looked like everybody knew what they were doing to start the spring, and through the spring. That's a good thing, especially this early in the year. To know what we're doing now is going to help more this summer, and in the future."


Coming off of last season did you guys have a different mindset this spring?

"Not really. On offense we know what we needed to work on. Hang on top the ball a little bit better, and eliminate the penalties. That's what killed us last year. It's what kills anybody every year. If we continue to work on eliminating those, then we'll be good to go."


Is it different for you working with three returning seniors plus all the experience on the O-line?

"No so much, I've got to know these guys. I know they're seniors and they know their seniors, and they are going to play their butts off, and I'll be right there with them."


Anybody impress you this spring?

"There were actually a few guys that looked good. Jamar Taylor has put on a little bit of weight and is looking good. I don't know how much he's gained but he's weighing a lot more then last year and is looking big. I think he's going to be something to look forward to this year. We also had a couple ogf guys that were banged up that will help us this year. Carlton Mitchell was still recovering from his surgery, and is going to be something special. I also think A. J Love is going to be a go to guys this year. He's got great hands and great speed, and is getting everything down pretty good.


Were there any new wrinkles to the offense that you worked on?

"No, not really, there were a couple of new things, but we basically just added on to what we got, and worked on getting better."


Was working with so many returning starters on the entire offense somewhat of a relief, and something to build on?

"Definitely, everybody has another year of experience, and we know each other real well, and know what we're supposed to do. We know are positives, and we know are negatives, and we can only build off of that and improve. That's all I want to do is work on all the little things and get better in every facet." 

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