Buccaneer NFL Mini Camp: Walt Walker Q&A

USF offensive tackle Walter Walker talks with USFNation after his first NFL mini-camp. He gives his thoughts on the difference beteen the Buc's and USF, playing along side fellow Bull teammates, and the overall experience. Only on USFNation.com


Former USF offensive tackle Walter Walker was one of fifty-five players at the Buccaneer mini camp this weekend, with over 40 trying out to make the team. It's always a battle to make an NFL roster, and the former Bull gives his thoughts on the entire experience.


USFNation.com: What are your impressions of the Buccaneer mini camp?

Walter Walker: It's been fun, a lot different from South Florida, and it takes a while to get used to everything here, and it's hard, but it's been a lot of Fun."


USFN: What's it like working out with different players for the first time in five years?   

Walt: It's been fun seeing all the players from all the different colleges, schools that you played against. It's also fun learning from these guys, and meshing with these guys so quickly. I think it's a great opportunity for me and everybody here.


USFN: How does it feel working with a team other then the Bulls for the first time in years, and it being the Buc's?

Walt:  It feels great being out here. Look, I got a Buc's helmet in my hand, and it's like a dream form me. They're my favorite team and to get an opportunity, just a chance to play here is like living a dream for me.


USFN: What is it like being here with your teammates Amarri Jackson, Jared Carnes, and former Bull Ronnie McCullough?

Walt: It's been great, and a lot of fun. It's like a USF homecoming, it makes me feel a lot more comfortable because I know a lot of these guys and we're friends. So it makes it a bit easier going through it together.


USFN: Does working with Carnes a former line mate make it even more familiar?

Walt: Oh Yeah, after practice when he get back to the room we go over the plays. The first night we didn't get to bed until 1:00, we stayed up like four hours studying plays. So the next day when we came in we felt confident in doing what was asked. So I think it's a great advantage to have a former teammate of mine here, working together to get it done.


USFN: How does Coach Gruden compare to Coach Leavitt?

Walt: He's a lot calmer, Coach Leavitt is insane. Coach Leavitt would have done at least four gasses before practice. A couple of sprints and he'd be just out of his mind by the time he got to the team. Gruden is intense and has great coaching ability like Coach Leavitt, and when he wants stuff corrected, he gets his point across one time. He knows that we've all been through college so when he makes a point he doesn't repeat himself, and expects us to get it.  I can imagine on game day he's a bit more wired, and even more intense, but he's a great cat to be around.


USFN: What positions did they work you out at?

Walt: Tackle, both tackle positions. I got some left tackle in which I never did at USF. I never knew I could play left tackle until the first day here when they said left tackle. It was strange at first, but I'm a big believer in faith, and trust God and took a left tackle pass set for the first time ever, and it's been working out well. I also worked on the right where I played for 5 years so I know that well, and it's been a great experience working at both sides.


USFN: What was it like working out with Coach Meir?

Walt: He's a great guy, and Coach Meir does a great job of coaching us up so he can be ready to play whether they put us here or there.


USFN: how do you think you've done out here?

Walt: I feel I did pretty good. I'm out here working, and I think I picked up the plays pretty quickly. A lot of stuff here is similar to how it was at South Florida, zones and all that. So I had a little bit of an edge on that, so I think I did pretty well.


USFN: What did you want to accomplish out here?

Walt: All I wanted to do was keep on pace and get better every day. That's what Coach Meir talks about, either you get worse or you get better, and I think I did that. It's been great and a lot of fun. I wouldn't trade this from what ever happens from this moment on for anything else in the world. It's a memory I'll have for the rest of my life. Of course making the team would be pretty nice to.


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