Buccaneer NFL Mini Camp: Jared Carnes Q&A

USF offensive tackle Jared Carnes talks with USFNation after his first NFL mini-camp. He gives his thoughts on the difference between the Buc's and Bulls practice, playing along side fellow USF teammates, and the overall experience. Only on USFNation.com

Former USF offensive tackle Jared Carnes was one of fifty-five players at the Buccaneer mini camp this weekend, with over 40 trying out to make the team. It's always a battle to make an NFL roster, and the former Bull gives his thoughts on the entire experience.


USFNation.com: How would you describe being at your first NFL mini camp?

Jared Carnes: It's been like a different world pretty much. Everything moves faster, you got to learn faster, and it takes a lot to get used to, but its been a lot of fun."


USFN: What's it like working out with a different team other then the Bulls for the first time in four years?  

Jared: It's different, but you just got to get the continuity down, and get used to the different players. You got to get to know each other a lot quicker then usual. At USF we had two a days, and all of summer conditioning to get to know each other. Here, the first day you get to meet everybody, and the next day your practicing.


USFN: What was the hardest part of the camp?

Jared:  The hardest thing was adjusting to all the new plays. I've been used to the USF offense for the last four years, and after the first two it got easy, but learning the new offense here, the tempo, and how they want the steps of the offense, was something.


USFN: Does it make it easier being here with your former teammates Walter Walker, Amarri Jackson, and former Bull Ronnie McCullough?

Jared: It does make it easier. Walt was my roommate at the hotel. So we would practice together, eat together, and study together. That does make it easier, because we can relate our plays to their plays and I understand what Walt is talking about and I understand what he's talking about.


USFN: How does Coach Gruden compare to Coach Leavitt?

Jared: They're both very intense, but I don't think that I've really got to see coach Gruden at his peak of anger. Maybe Coach Leavitt is more energized, but you never know because I've seen Coach Leavitt when he's mad, and you don't forget that.


USFN: What were the main deference's between how the Bulls and Buc's practice?

Jared: The main difference was how high paced it was. Just because this is everybody's shot to make it into the pros, and either get a paycheck, or not. Overall the difficulty level was very similar to the Bulls, but here if you don't do well, you don't make the team and go home, where at USF if you messed up, you didn't necessarily get sent home.  


USFN: How was the overall experience?

Jared: It's been a great experience, and a good learning experience. I learned some new techniques on the offensive line, and it's something I'll remember the rest of my life, and something I'll be able to tell people about.


USFN: Out of all the rookies who caught your attention during the camp?

Jared: Their first pick Aquib Talib, he looked pretty good and over the three days, had two interceptions that he returned for touchdowns. But the person I noticed the most was Amarri Jackson. Amarri had a good camp, and was doing things that surprised me. After his injury last year I was concerned but now he's back to 100 percent and you can tell. On one play he jumped over two defenders and made a great catch.  


USFN: What was your most memorable moment of the camp?

Jared: It would probably be when I first walked into the locker room and saw my locker with my number and last name on it. That's when it hit me that I was here, trying out for a professional team, with the opportunity to play professional football.


USFN: Playing for the Bulls and also St. Pete Catholic, did trying out for the Buc's make it more special?

Jared: Yes, growing up in St. Pete and playing for USF, I've always been a Buc's fan, and so has my whole family. So this will be another memorable milestone in my career. On top of playing for a D-1 school and all the things we accomplished last year, being ranked nationally and winning a Bowl game, now I can say I was at a NFL rookie mini camp with the Buc's.


USFN: how do you think you did over the weekend?

Jared: Everything I did I felt good about. I feel I did everything in my power, and did to the best of my ability. I don't have any regrets and don't wish I could have done something better. They told me what ever happens to stay in shape through out the summer, and be ready. Now it's in the hands of them and my agent.

Former Bulls Walter Walker & Jared Carnes

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