Bulls WR Amarri Jackson signs with Buc's

Former USF WR Amarri Jackson who was one of three Bulls invited to the Bucaneer rookie mini camp, signed a free-agent contract with Tampa shortly after the camp. Only on USFNation.com

Former USF wide receiver Amarri Jackson was one of fifty-five players at the Buccaneer mini camp this weekend, with over 40 trying out to make the team. It's always a battle to make an NFL roster, but after a strong showing over the week-end, the former Bull said he signed a free-agent contract with the Buc's after the camp.


"Everything went great," said Jackson. "I signed a contract after the camp yesterday."


At 6'5-207 pounds, Jackson has the size and skills that can cause mismatches for opposing d-backs. Last season he totaled 246 yards on 21 receptions with two scores before an injury at Connecticut sidelined him for the last four games of the regular season. When in the line up Jackson's size and athleticism causes problems for opposing defenses, which got him invited to the mini-camp, and against tall odds was ultimately offered a contract.


"I feel pretty good right now," said Amarri. "I just got to keep working, that's what you got to do to get good at this game."


Jackson who finished his career at USF with 891 yards receiving with 5 scores, 3 rushing touchdowns with 141 rushing yards, and also threw a touchdown against Louisville. Faced an uphill battle at the camp, and said getting used to everything wasn't easy.


"The hardest thing was getting used to the different play calling. Learning the calls and the routes, it was different from what I was used to."


The former Bull did say that by the end of camp things came much easier.

"The first day was tough, but after I got the playbook, and the formations down, everything became easier for me," said Jackson. "At first I was thinking too much, and that made it harder, after that I could go full tilt."

The fact that he was offered a contract tells how he performed, but what does Amarri think of his performance?


"I worked hard like I always do," said Jackson. "Coach Gruden told me I made some nice catches during the camp, and I got offered a contract so I guess I did all right."

Jackson was the tallest receiver in camp, and throughout the weekend made some tough catches that caught the attention of Coach Gruden, and after the camp Amarri was happy for the opportunity to continue his playing days.

"I'm excited. I was the only receiver that they signed that I know of. I'm excited to keep playing football and I'm going to continue to push myself, and hopefully keep playing for as long as they want me to play it."


Amarri still has to compete to make the team and faces long odds to do so, but long odds and hard work is nothing new to him.


"I've been through a long road to get where I am," said Amarri. "I had to do it my whole life, through high school and at USF this is just another challenge for me to overcome."


Jackson did say his time at USF with Coach Leavitt and staff helped prepare him for his current challenge.


"On and off the field the staff really helped me, said Jackson." Besides Coach Canales, I had Coach Dawsey, also coach Frey and Coach Smith helped me when they were here. Coach Canales really helped me a lot, with ball drills and route running. Even if we thought we did it well, he would have us run it again. Coach Leavitt and my teammates all helped push each other to improve our work ethic, and get me ready."


There has been no official release from the Buccaneers yet, but Amarri said he will report to the next Buc's camp on the 18th of this month.

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