USF Offers 6'4 DE From Niceville

The Bulls coaching staff has been on the road all month, learn more about one of the latest recruits to be offered, Luke Sager. Only on!

There haven't been many offers extended to Panhandle recruits thus far, but one prospect that has been offered is Luke Sager from Niceville High School. At 6-foot-4 and 240 pounds Sager has been on the varsity team since his sophomore year. Originally he started as a tight end, then as a junior he was switched to defense due to a lack of depth. It turned out to be a good move. Last season Luke flourished at the defensive end position racking up 9 sacks and 43 tackles.

"I'm a good pass rusher." Said Sager, "I can also hold my ground and take on double teams."

South Florida coach Mike Canales is Sager's main recruiter. The two talk almost every week.

"Coach Canales is a good guy. I pretty much call him once a week just to talk about what's going on and keep him up to date with everything."

Luke grew up an Oklahoma fan, but says with the Bulls success last year he learned a lot about the program and since he's been offered he and his family have been doing some research on the internet.

"USF was the first to offer me, since then I've been offered by FIU, Iowa State and Ball State."

Over the summer Sager will visit several schools to participate in their summer camps. South Florida is on the list as well as Clemson, FSU, Vandy, LSU and Bama.

"Everyone is looking at me at defensive end except for Vanderbilt. They like me at DE, but they also think I could move inside and play tackle."

Sager's team started practice on May 1st, but he hasn't been able to participate until this week because he's recovering from Mono. Once he gets on the field Luke says he'll be working on his overall game and also getting off of double teams, something he sees in almost every game. In the classroom Sager boasts a 3.04 core GPA and recently scored a 19 on his ACT.

USFNation will catch up with Luke Sager when he comes to Tampa at the end of June for the Bull's one-day camp at Raymond James Stadium.

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