Armwood Trio Excited After Visit to USF

This weekend three local stars from Armwood High School took an unofficial visit to South Florida. Read on to see their reactions to the visit and how it changed their perception of the Bulls football program. Only on!

On Saturday Angelo Hadley, Mywan Jackson and Ryne Giddins took an unofficial visit to South Florida. USFNation caught up with Mywan and Angelo to get their reaction. Expect an update with Ryne Giddins early this week.

Angelo Hadley

On his visit to USF:


"I liked it a lot, we talked with the coaches and took a tour of campus.  We got there around 11 and they took us around the campus and the facilities.  I thought the facilities were very nice.  They got a great strength coach and he stays on top of you to make sure you get your work done in the weight room.  It was a very interesting visit."



Something that impressed Angelo:


"They have a computer in the training room and you can get a breakdown by position of each person's 40 times and all their bench, squat and all the other numbers.  That's real cool and it makes for competition between the guys at each position."



On his talk with Coach Leavitt:


"We talked about how the future could be and how it's going to be.  We talked about where the new practice facilities will be and about their stadium situation.  They aren't going to get their own stadium, they just want to keep playing in Raymond James.  That's okay with me I'd rather play in Raymond James."

How did the visit change his overall views on USF:


"It did in a couple ways.  I could picture myself staying in Tampa if I wanted to.  I saw where I could live on campus or if I wanted to stay at home, I could do either.  I could see myself possibly playing at South Florida.  I'm still leaning toward going out of state, but I saw how it could be at USF.  If I picked USF I could succeed there."



On his Mom's views of the visit:


"She's the one that really enjoyed it all.  Everything I said is what me and my mom talked about after the visit.  She's been wanting me to take the visit, it would be nice to play close to my family."



Mywan Jackson

On receiving an offer while on the visit:


"I thought it was a good thing that I got offered.  I like USF a lot and it gives me some options having an offer from them.  The coaches offered me as an ATH and they said I could play either receiver or corner.  I'm happy with that."



His thoughts on the visit:

 "I saw the facilities and campus, I liked everything.  I met with the defensive backs coach and the strength coach.  I like how it's close to home and a family environment."

Mywan was accompanied by his Uncle and Mom:


"they both liked it a lot.  They were saying how it's close to home and I'm just a phone call away.  They drive by campus everyday but they had never seen the inside of campus, so that was good."

Something that surprised Mywan while on the visit:


"The facilities.  How they are up their with the University of Miami, Florida State and Florida.  I thought it was top notch and I didn't really know that before."



On how his views changed on the USF program:


"My views changed a lot.  I've never seen the school up close, now that I've seen it some things have changed.  I think highly of USF and that was the first time I ever sat down and really talked about USF.  I feel real good about them."


On his sit-down with Coach Leavitt: 


"He is a very nice, down to earth coach.  I like that he'll tell you straight up how he feels and he'll never lie to you.  I also love his energy."

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