Gabe Holmes Favors South Florida

The 6-foot-5 tight end tells USFNation he's thinking about committing to the Bulls. He also gives his take on teammate Dwayne Difton's decommitment from USF. Read on for the entire story.

Although he only had 7 catches as a junior, three of which went for scores, Gabe Holmes is emerging as one of the top tight end prospects in the state. He was part of St. Thomas's championship team last year and has been impressing scouts with what he calls an "impressive" spring.

"I've been working on my route running with Coach (Chris) Carter. I feel like I had a good spring. I've got positive feedback from scouts that came to watch me."

Holmes has also brought in almost a dozen offers including Florida State, Indiana,Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Rutgers, Auburn, Ole Miss and South Florida. The Bulls were actually his first offer back in February.

"I was offered back in February and me and Coach Scott have been talking a lot since then."

The relationship Holmes has with Coach Scott might be enough to get the 6-foot-5 tight end to sign with the Bulls come signing day.

"The way I talk to him makes me think about going there. I'm really thinking about actually going to South Florida. It's a real possibility for me."

Right now Holmes isn't ready to name a leader, but he admits USF is up there.

"There are a couple schools I really like. This whole recruiting thing is new to me, I'm a little overwhelmed so I'm trying to take it all in."

Not only does Coach Scott talk to him about USF, but former USF commit and a teammate of Holmes, Dwayne Difton also praises the Bulls program.

"Yeah we talk about USF." Adding, "I know he wants to go to South Florida, I can tell you that right now. He has a lot of pressure on him though, after he committed he had a lot of people asking him ‘why'. South Florida is definitely his number one right now, that's what he tells me. He's looking around, but South Florida is really big in the picture."

This summer Gabe plans on making it to as many camps as he can. Only problem is that Holmes starts a summer job and he's not sure how much time he take off.

"I'm going to be a camp counselor at the Boys & Girls club. I went there the past couple years and had a lot of fun, so I'm looking forward to working there. Any weekend I don't have to work I'm going to try and make it to a camp."

What about the USF camp on June 21st?

"Well I've been talking to my mom about it and I asked my boss at work and she told me she would work with me to get that weekend off."

In the class room Gabe Holmes hopes to be fully qualified, he recently took his SAT's and has a 2.5 core GPA. We'll update Holmes status for USF's June camp as soon as he figures out his schedule.

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