Kamran Joyer Excited to be a Bull

Kamran Joyer the offensive line prospect out of Wesley Chapel pledged his services to USF back in June, and was one of 8 USF commits at the SuperBull camp two weeks ago. Now the big man gives some more insight about his decision to stay home and play for the Bulls. Only on USFNation.com

At 6-foot-3, 315 pounds Kamran Joyer,  from Wesley Chapel HS is a strong, versatile lineman that has played guard, tackle, and center and is one of the Tampa Bay area's top prospects for '09. Joyer was named first team All-Conference and second team All-State for his junior performance adding between 60 and 70 pancake blocks for the season, and recently named to the St. Petersburg Times Nifty Nine. The massive athlete that possesses more strength and raw power then most in the state, was at the SuperBull camp and talks about his decision to play for the Bulls.

How was it being at the SuperBull camp?

"It was a lot of fun practicing under the lights. There were lots of good talent there, with guys I know and played against." 

What were the main reasons why you chose the Bulls?

"The main reasons were it's close to home, a great program, a great up-and-coming program, and great coaches. I really like the coaching staff over there. Also at USF I have a good chance to start my freshman year."

How is your relationship with coach Simmonds?

"I really like coach Simmonds and he really likes me, and have a good relationship, that was a main thing too. He played in the NFL, played with the Buc's, and my main goal is to get to the NFL, and with good coaching I have a shot."

Was staying in state important for you?

"Yes, I didn't want to leave the state, and wanted to stay in the area. I have two little brothers in the area, and also three uncles and sister that all graduated from USF. They're excited and I'm very excited about my choice."

What schools did it come down to in the end?

"It came down to Florida, USF and Miami. We already turned down Tennessee, South Carolina, and Illinois.  Florida said they would take me if I was a December graduate, but I want to compete in weight lifting and shot-put, and have a chance to win a state championship in both my senior year. I was a top five last year and have a good chance to win it this year. Also my little brother should be able to win a state championship next year."

What happened when you visited Miami?

"I went to Miami a the weekend before I committed to the Bulls, and didn't really like it. I didn't really care for the city, and the weight room is barely bigger then my high school. At USF the facilities are very nice and they have a doctor there all the time, whirlpools, and everything is laid out nicely. After the visit I decided I had no interest in going there. I came back to Tampa and decided my best opportunity is with the Bulls."

Why did you want to commit early?

 "Committing early was something that was on my mind. I committed early because I'm going to play nose guard also this year, and with all the guys trying to chop my legs, I was worried about getting hurt my senior year and USF told me if I did get injured my offer would still stand."

How solid is your commitment to USF?

"It's a done deal now. It's a done deal with them, and it's a done deal with us. I'm going to be a Bull!"

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

 "I'm not taking any other visits, except to USF. The rest of the summer I'm just going to be working out, running, and working on my centering."


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