USFNationTV: Runningbacks Shine at SuperBull

The Runningback group shined Saturday Night at Ray Jay. Take a look for yourself, here is footage from the field of the three stars; Rodney Scott, Mike James and Lonnie Pryor. Only takes you this close to the action!

With names like Lonnie Pryor and Rodney Scott in attendance it's hard to imagine a more impressive back than those two. Well on Saturday night Mike James from Community Ridge stole the show!

Here is video of all three going through drills and being instructed by Bulls RB Coach Carl Franks. You don't want to miss this feature, if you are not a member try us FREE for 7 days!!

*Video may be seen with a premium access pass.

Rodney Scott & Mike James

Mike James

Rodney Scott

Lonnie Pryor

*Video may be seen with a premium access pass.

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