Hanson Talks USF Visit, Decision Coming Soon!

In this exclusive interview, Cali OT Zach Hanson tells USFNation how his visit to South Florida went, his impressions after seeing Tampa, when he'll make his final decision and much more. The 6'7, 315 pound Big Man is eligible to play in the 2008 season and will make his final decision this weekend. Get informed, only on USFNation.com!

USFNation.com: What would you say was the high-point of your visit to South Florida?

Zach Hanson: "Checkin out the facilities and stuff, I was curious to see what they looked like in person. I saw them on line, but I wanted to get a first hand look."

USFN: Having never been to Tampa, was there anything you saw that exceeded your expectations?

"Seeing the Buccaneer stadium was something I didn't expect. When I saw it, it hit me that if I came to USF I'd be playing there every homegame. It's all real nice and brand new."

USFN: Who was your host for the visit and what did you guys do?

"My host was Jake Griffin. On Friday a bunch of us hungout at (Danny) Tolley's house, we went out to eat a couple nights and he kinda took me around town."

USFN: What did you think of the academic side of your visit?

"I liked it a lot, it seemed like the academics were good. They have a lot of pre-med stuff, so that part went good too."

USFN: Overall, how was your first trip to Tampa?

"It was cool. Different from California yet the same. The downtown reminded me a little bit of San Francisco and the rest reminded me of Sacramento."

USFN: What USF coaches did you meet over the weekend?

"I pretty much met the whole staff. I liked Coach Leavitt, he's a different individual! He's a good guy, I liked him a lot. He seems to really love South Florida."

"We talked about me coming there and be a big part of the team."

USFN: What's your final impression of your visit to South Florida?

"South Florida is up there. Right now they are my number one. I gotta see how the Kansas State visit goes down and I'll make my decision on Sunday."

Stick with USFNation for the most up-to-date news on Zach Hanson's decision as he chooses between USF and Kansas State on Sunday.

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