Mammoth OT Zach Hanson Decides!!

After a week of visits Cali OT Zach Hanson has announced his decision of where he'll play college ball. Read on to find out where the 6'7, 315 pound Big Man who is eligible to play in the 2008 season is going. Stay informed, only on!

After an extra day of consideration, Zach Hanson the massive 6-foot-7, 310 pound offensive tackle from Sacramento City JUCO in California said where he'll play college ball Monday.

"I committed to Kansas State this afternoon," said Hanson. "It was a very tough choice, but it's where I felt most comfortable."

Hanson stated that there were other schools in the picture but it came down between two schools, South Florida and Kansas State where he made recent trips to both campuses, and enjoyed both visits.

"South Florida is awesome and very cool," said Hanson.  "Both schools had great coaches and players, and I got good feelings at both places," said Hanson. "It was a very tough choice."

Once he got home Hanson needed time to sit down with his parents and sort things out before making his decision, and then informing coaches from both schools.

"I felt more comfortable at Kansas State, because its a smaller town, and that's what I've been used to my whole life," said Hanson. "It just came down to a big city or going to a small town school."

After careful deliberation with those close to him, the Mammoth tackle said there were several factors in his decision.

 "I liked both Tampa and Kansas State a lot and could see myself being at both. I needed an extra day to talk to my parents and weigh out the pros and cons of both. it was an extremely hard choice to make. I think I'm more comfortable in a small town atmosphere."

Hanson is finishing up summer school in Sacramento, and will join the KS in late July early August after he gets his AA degree. Once eligible, Zach will have 4 years to play 3.

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