Top QB Says Bulls Will Be In It Till The End

Heading into the season, Eugene Smith will be one of the few top rated un-committed QB's in the country. He is the #1 prospect on the USFNation Hot 20 and in this interview he talks about his experience at the Elite 11 camp last weekend, season goals, latest in recruiting, his thoughts on USF, where the Bulls stand and his plans for making a final decision. Read on for all the details! How was your experience at the Elite 11 camp?


QB Eugene Smith: It was a very good experience.  The competition was great, I got to go against the top talent in the country. 



USFN:  What did you work on while you were out there?

Geno:  I worked a lot on proper footwork on my drop and my release.  It was more a chance to show people what you got.



USFN:  What was it like for you and Aaron Murray to represent Florida?

Geno:  It meant a lot to show that Florida has more than just speed, they have some good quarterbacks as well.  I think we represented Florida and made a statement.



USFN:  What are your plans for the rest of the summer? 


Geno:  Just to work out with my team.  We start practice in a week or two.  It's time to prepare for the season, get everyone on the same page.  I feel like we are close as a team, most of us have been on this team for two years and we just want to be in rhythm by the time we start.



USFN:  Have you set any personal or team goals?


Geno:  Personal goals don't mean too much.  As far as the team goes, we have a goal and it's to get to State's this year.



USFN:  What's going on in recruiting, anything new?


Geno:  Nothing really that new, just receiving mail from the schools that have offered me.  I really don't talk to coaches that much, they mostly go through my high school coach.



USFN:  What college would you say you talk with the most?


Geno:  I'd say, South Florida and Boston College.  I talk to Coach Scott at USF and Coach Logan at Boston College. 



USFN:  Do you have a group of favorites right now?


Geno:  There are a group, I'm pretty much open.  But there are about 10 schools I'm looking at real hard.  I'm not ready to name favorites, but there are a few schools I'm looking at. 


USFN:  Besides USF are there any other in-state schools you are looking at?


Geno:  Florida State and Florida are part of the group of schools I'm looking at.



USFN:  What are some of your thoughts on the program at South Florida?


Geno:  It's a great program, up and coming. They have a lot of talent and good coaching.  USF is coming off a big season, I think they were up to number two in the nation last year.  I like that they are on the rise, they have a very strong recruiting class that they are putting together this year and I'm expecting big things from South Florida.  

USFN:  USF has been on you for a while, how is your relationship with Coach Larry Scott?


Geno:  Me and Coach Scott, we have a good relationship.  I like him a lot, he's a very funny guy, we chat every now and then.  He keeps me up to date with things that are going on at USF, but he makes a lot of jokes and we have fun. 



USFN:   As a quarterback, do you see your style of play fitting in with USF's offense?


Geno:  I do, but I also feel that every offense is built around the quarterback.  I'm a pretty versatile guy and feel like I can fit into any offensive system.



USFN:  What is your timetable and plan for making a decision?


Geno:  My plan is to make all my visits and talk to as many people as I can.  Eventually it will be a gut feeling and that's when I'll decide. 



USFN:  Is staying in-state important to you?


Geno:  I really don't know because I thought I wouldn't get homesick if I went away, but just from going to California for a few days I was kinda homesick.  I really don't know right now if I want to go that far.



USFN:  If you plan to take all your visits, does that mean you'll make your decision after the season?


Geno:  I'm pretty sure I'll already have my decision in mind by the time my season is over, but I will be announcing it on Signing Day.



USFN:  You said you want to take all your visits, any school in particular that you know you'll visit?


Geno:  Yeah, I'd like to take a trip up to LSU, Boston College, I'd like to see USF again, probably take a trip to Oregon and then probably want to see Florida State and Louisville.



USFN:  You just named 6, you know you can only take 5 official visits?


Geno:  Yeah, I'll have to narrow that down.  I'll figure that out, this is just the beginning for me.

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