DT Arthur Jeffery Has Big Time Offers

Little has been written about Sarasota Booker's Arthur Jeffery, until now -- Jeffery talks with USFNation about who has offered, where the Bulls stand, when he'll make a decision and the factors that will play into it. Get the inside scoop, only on USFNation.com!

Recruiting the defensive tackle positions is tough to do out of high school, finding the right balance between size and speed is crucial. That's why Sarasota Booker star Arthur Jeffery is one of the most prized DT's coming out of Florida this year. As a junior Jeffery racked up 6 sacks, 27 TFL, 69 tackles and 3 blocked FG's. At 6-foot-4 and 275 pounds Arthur Jeffery has just what coaching staff's around the country are looking for.

"Right now I'm considering offers from Florida State, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and South Florida."

This summer Jeffery has not taken any college visits, but he has participated in a few camps. Most recently he earned second place overall at the Down-and Dirty camp. Jeffery claims that he is still wide open and will narrow down a top 5 towards the end of his senior year. However, when asked what official visits he plans on taking Jeffery had this to say:

"I'm not sure yet who I will visit, I'm sure I will visit Georgia and Tennessee. They are my top two right now."

The offers started rolling in just after Signing Day, with the Bulls being the first team to offer.

"USF offered me a long time ago, I don't remember the exact date, they offered me before any one else. I haven't talked with them in a little while though."

Would Arthur say that the Bulls are in the Mix?

"I'm not counting USF out, but I wouldn't mind getting out of state. I'm still thinking about staying in-state or leaving, I'm not sure yet."

"I watched USF a couple times last year, my friends brother played for them, Amarri Jackson. I saw a pretty good program that got all the way up to number two last year. I was impressed."

When making a final decision Arthur says the family atmosphere, coaching staff and learning the defensive scheme will play the biggest factor in his choice of school. He is currently working out with his team, and says he won't take any visits till the fall. Stick with USFNation for the latest on Arthur Jeffery as we will update him at the start of his season.

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