Countdown to Kick-off: USF CB Tyson Butler

With the 2008 USF football season right around the corner, USFNation got a chance to talk with several Bulls that could have an impact. In today's excusive interview, Only on Get it First, Get it Fast!

Tyson Butler


What was it like going through your first year as a Bull?

"There was a lot of learning. At first you come in and you have to get adjusted to the environment and everything, but the biggest change I made was physically. I got a lot stronger and bigger I came in at 169, but now I'm at 183 pounds."


How much stronger have you gotten?

"I'm not that strong on bench, but do around 250. I'm pretty strong with my legs and get around 450 pounds."


What was it like to go through your first spring practice?

"That's was pretty tough. Everyday we practice in full pads and it was tough, but I got through it."


Who do you think you learned from the most?

"I learned a lot from different guys, but I think I learned a lot from Carlton Williams, he taught me a lot. Being a safety, they have to transfer signals to the corner, and he told me a lot of stuff and it helped."


Where do you fit into the d-back rotation?

"Right now I'm mostly lining up with the two's, but they also have me working in with the one's."


You mostly line up with Quinton Washington, what's you relationship like?

"Quinton, he's my dog. We got to hold it down, because coach is relying on us. We got a good connection going on and hang out."


How is it going through your first practice with out Mike Jenkins and Trae Williams leading the secondary?

"It was kind of difficult, because we didn't have that person to look up to, and to watch and learn from. TY is his first year at starter, and Murphy too. So it was a bit hard with everybody learning and going through that learning process out there."


There seems to be a big Naples/Ft Meyers connection how many are there?

"There's about seven of us from the Ft. Meyers area. There's me, Quinton, Louis Gachette, Nate Allen, T.J, Mo Plancher, and Mike Padilla."


With so many guys from one area, do you guys have a special bond?

"Yeah, we're from the same area and everybody goes home and talks, but we really don't cheer for the area like some other guys. We hang out here, and because we're from the same area, have the memories of when we played against each other."


How has Coach Douglas helped you?

"Coach Douglas is a great guy. He doesn't play and has a lot to teach us. We have a good relationship and talk every day and I think we're on the same page."


What guys on offense are the hardest to cover?

"I'd say the quicker guys like Carlton Mitchell, he's pretty fast and tough to guard. T.J, and slot receivers like Patrick Richardson are pretty tough to guard too. T.J may be the hardest to bring down because he's pretty physical."


Which running back is the hardest to take down?

"I'll take them all down. None of them are a challenge for me. My favorite one to bring down is Ben Williams. Probably because I get to hit him the most and just like to mess with him.  I'd say the toughest one to take down is Jamar Taylor. He's a small muscular guy and runs hard."


How does it feel to finally see the field after spending last season as a redshirt?

"It means a lot to me, because I worked very hard to get where I'm at, and thank god everyday. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to show what I got."

What is a typical day of summer voluntaries like?

"It's tough getting up the same time and running, working out. Getting up early and running in that hot sun is probably the toughest part. We run at 6:45, and then we condition and lift weights everyday."


What do you want to work on the most this summer?

"I want to work on my footwork and get a little quicker. That's pretty much it."


With two-a-days coming up, what was your first preseason like last year?

"Last year was tough. It was crazy and unbelievably hard. It was an experience and I'm just glad I got through it. It's an eye opener for the new guys."


Do you look forward to two-a-days or do you dread it?

"I don't know if I'd say I look forward to it. You just got to do what you got to, and get through it. Two a days are rough, but then you know the season is right around the corner, and I can't wait. I don't think anybody on the team can."



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